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Halloween Event Begins - Early Access Patch #21 (10/26/19)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold

Early Access Patch #21 (10/26/19)

Spooky season has arrived at last! To celebrate, we've added new hats and seasonal decorations to all Pixel Lobbies. Cap'n'Cash's shop will be stocked exclusively with the new hats until the event ends on November 4th, at which point they'll go in with the regular rotation.

This patch includes the first release of Main Menu 2.0, which means a new look (still WIP), reorganized structure, and at long last, the separation of in-fight controls from menu controls (!!!).

Important notice: all configs have been been completely reset with this update to avoid potential conflicts with the new control scheme. This means EVERYTHING: audio, video, gameplay, and controls. Please take the time to make sure your options are set the way you like them before you start playing!

Planned for later patches: organizing the training mode menu, further enhancing the appearance of the main menu, and level 3 supers.

Upcoming stream news: The Fightin' Foenatics are doing a 24-hour donation stream RIGHT NOW for their Combo Breaker 2020 tournament. We will also be doing a post-patch stream on Monday the 28th at 3PM PT to talk about this update, the next update, and our appearance at Youmacon in less than a week. Everything's on twitch.tv/manesix.

We hope you enjoy this month's update! Patch notes below. Read on...

Main Menu 2.0
  • The main menu has a new look and structure! The look is still a work in progress and will be further improved in future updates.
  • Game modes are now organized by Local / Online / Practice rather than Single Player / Multiplayer. The Pixel Lobby has been moved to the “Online” submenu, and Story is on the top menu (though still not available until game version 1.0).
  • New Feature: Pixel Lobby Quick Join, which transports you directly into an official, populated server without having to select from the server list. The old Pixel Lobby option has been renamed to Pixel Lobby: Browse Servers. Both are under the new “Online” submenu.
  • The options menus have been reorganized so items are now in their proper categories. There are now three categories: Gameplay / Sound / Video.
  • In-fight controls no longer affect menu and lobby controls (ABOUT F███ING TIME). There is now a dedicated set of controls for each separate environment, all from the same button config. Config All still only affects fight controls.
  • Start and Voice Chat (Previously Utility 2) are universal buttons that require exclusive buttons for them. If you attempt to bind them to something that is already bound elsewhere, the buttons will swap places, as explained below.
  • Config All functions a little differently now:
    • Buttons swap: If you try to bind a button that is already bound to another action in the same category, it will swap those buttons. Example: your Light Attack is bound to B, and you try to map B to Medium Attack, it will switch the button that was previously on Medium Attack over to Light Attack.
    • Prompts during Config All now appear at the bottom of the input list instead of in the middle, allowing you to see these swaps happening in real-time.
    • There is now a time-out period on Config All. It will reset all bindings to default if you leave it for a few seconds without pressing any buttons, just in case you make a mistake.
  • We’ve locked the remapping of directional buttons on non-keyboard controllers unless you enable it in a new option in Gameplay Options: Allow Stick/DPad Remap. The default is “Off”. This is designed to protect pad and fightstick users from mapping a directional input to a face button unless they reaaally want to. Keyboard users still have full access to directional remapping even if this option is “Off”.
  • “Vanilla Lobby” is now called “Classic Lobby”. Like classic coke, but more vanilla!
  • The “Controls” option on the main menu has been renamed to “Button Config”, so it is more distinctive from “Controllers”.
  • Macro buttons are now disabled in menus and in the Pixel Lobby, to prevent accidental inputs.
  • “Versus CPU” mode now shows up on the new “Local” submenu. It is not available yet and has been greyed out, but it has been added.
  • We’ve added Ping Tolerance for matchmaking into Gameplay Options. You can tolerate ping easier now.
  • There are now sweet hexawipe transitions between most modes. Like wiping your screen with silk!
  • There is now an awesome lightning effect around the logo on the title screen… either that, or we forgot to insulate the new menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Master Volume scaling applied twice to everything except music.

Pixel Lobby

Halloween Event
This seasonal event will run from now until Nov 4th.
  • New spooky hats added! Cap’n’Cash’s shop will carry only this new apparel during the duration of the event. Once the event ends, they will go into the regular rotation with all the other hats. You will also be able to find the new hats inside chests in the Salt Mines.
  • Everyone gets candy bags to wear!
  • Each Pixel Lobby has seasonal decorations and ambiance. Except A Dreary Place. That’s still dr… ohnowait, those ARE decorations.
  • The predators are wearing costumes too. How did they get them? No one may ever find out! Why are they dripping ketchup? IT IS A MYSTERY.
New Feature: Invite Friends!
  • You can now invite your Steam friends to the Pixel Lobby server you’re currently in. This option is located on the lobby pause menu.
Salt Mines
  • Mining salt ore now has a dedicated button, separate from interact/open chest. By default, it’s the cancel button.
  • Players may now throw dynamite over ledges. Dynamite no longer stops short as if it hit a solid wall. It now continues long, as if it hit a gaseous wall. Which it did.
  • The black backdrop we added behind the Salt Mines HUD to increase clarity (obscurity?) is now properly in, after getting deployed and rolled back last hotpatch.
  • During the final showdown, we’ve added a system that will temporarily lock doors for a player if they go back and forth rapidly between two rooms (more than three times in quick succession). This is intended to prevent room transitioning from being used as an exploit to stall the bear out.
  • Medium and large denominations of salt pickups are now tinted darker blue so they stand out more.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player opened a dynamite chest then immediately opened a treasure chest, they could still move while they were opening the chest.
  • Players now receive a notification that the final showdown is being skipped if they are the only one left in the mines when the timer runs out. No beating yourself here!
  • Players no longer receive split-second ending notifications as they return to the overworld.
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn’t receive health from a health chest if they got into a fight as the chest was opening.
  • Particularly tall hats no longer clip through the waterfall in Arizona’s lobby.
  • Cashmere is slowly defrosting to you, and now has more expressions in her dialogue portrait.
  • Various pieces of shop dialogue have been revised and expanded.
  • The graphic for the Nurse Hat has been updated. It is more lovely now. And less liable to be liable.
  • Both Icicle Wings items now have a proper degrees symbol in the flavor text.


  • The experimental ‘TRM’ish system introduced in Early Access Patch #18 has been removed from the game. The quick and dirty way we had initially implemented the system was causing unintended side effects. Implementing it properly through input reading and proper lockout timers showed that it was still not going to give the desired results when mixed with our current set of mechanics. As both real world gameplay and internal technical tests were not solving the issues we were focused on (and honestly, the issues were not that big in the grand scheme), we’re rolling back this part of the changes we’ve made to throw mechanics with a few tweaks/reversions:
    • The inputs for throw teching have been cleaned up a bit. The input requirements to throw tech were not following most of the input leniency we’ve introduced to the game over time, which was emphasized even further after the TRM patch. Teching should now be more consistent if your inputs aren’t super exact. Yeah, you DID tech that one.
    • Throw startup is no longer counterhit, but throw recovery is.
    • Throw startup auto-techs like it used to.
  • On the combat HUD, the match timer now pulses red when it reaches 10 seconds or less for an increased sense of doom. THE END IS NEIGH.
  • The announcer now speaks a line when time runs out.
  • More dust effects for character movement have been added.
  • Completing Arcade Mode now displays a “Thanks for Playing!” outro screen.
  • The 2D version of the training stage has been pulled out of the fourth dimension, and now has a discernible floor.
  • Tutorial dialogue during various characters’ supers attacks sections has been revised for further clarity.

General Bugfixes
  • Backer characters that were removed in a prior patch from Pom’s stage for technical reasons have now been restored with new artwork.
  • Fixed a bug where the Perfect KO graphic would show during a time out if it was both a time out and a perfect. It now always shows the Time Out graphic, as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where there would still be 1 pixel of health left in a health bar despite it being empty. No more (un)magic pixel!
  • Training mode: made it so the dummy state resets to standing when recording a move if it was previously set to AI.
  • It should no longer be possible for both characters to have the same palette during online matches. There can be only one.
  • Fixed a bug where non-Mane6 players would have a blue name if they were player 1 and a Mane6 staff member was spectating.
    • Linkster has been fired.
  • Fixed a bug where the game could not find its config.ini file if a player had a Windows username in Cyrillic. (Sorry this one took us so long to squash!)
  • Fixed a seam that would appear on Velvet’s face during her win pose on certain palettes.
    • Velvet still swears she has had no plastic surgery whatsoever.
  • Fixed an odd-looking smear frame during her :A:.
  • Shadow Blast can now destroy projectiles.
  • Fred’s summon and desummon animations now have a suction effect. Slurp.
  • Fixed a general color issue where the bottom half of Oleander’s back leg was discolored during her character select and air study animations. She has been instructed to take off ALL of her socks when tanning.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where a dot would appear at the base of her neck during her victory pose.
  • :[4]::6::C: (Bark!) can now destroy projectiles.
  • :[4]::6::C: (Bark!) is now projectile invulnerable from the start of the move until shortly after the active period.
  • Pom’s magic meter now displays stock refills immediately as soon as they are available, instead of in a delayed sequence.

  • Fixed an issue where Tian’s “Violet” palette had a miscolored leg during her character select and victory poses.
  • Fixed some visual defects on certain frames during :qcf::C: (Volcanic Crash) and the start of Ran Shao Feng.
  • All predators can now instant-block (as was intended).
  • The snake and panther have improved animations across the board: dashes, jumps, all attacks, and super (for panther).
  • The panther’s base movement speed and dashes have been adjusted.
  • The panther’s :A: and :B: attacks have slightly adjusted tempos.
  • The panther’s :C: attack now groundbounces.
  • The panther’s super has adjusted timing, distance and damage (especially on the last hit).
  • The snake’s dash distance and timings have been adjusted.

Known Issues
  • Classic Lobbies are broken (the main menu update was not kind to them). We intend to fix in a hotpatch as soon as we can, but in the meantime, they’re greyed out.
  • In Arizona’s tutorial for her super attacks, the game sometimes doesn’t recognize the input buffer on Rebound properly, and will not register a successfully executed move.
  • Utility 1 still shows up on button config, clinging to dear life. It’s vestigial, but it’s still hooked into some code things and will be properly extracted in a later patch.


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The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Early Access Hotpatch #21.1

We caught some... issues... with the changes made to Oleander and Pom in the last patch and have deployed fixes.
  • Fixed strange character interactions after Oleander performs super.
  • Fixed strange projectile interactions if Pom is hit during recovery of Bark!
  • Fixed several cases where a character would act as if they were armored when they were not.
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The Powers that Be
Mane6 Developer
Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Early Access Hotpatch #21.2

Pixel Lobby

  • Fixed wrong colored mask for "El Sombrero's Mask" cosmetic item
  • Fixed missing glyph in "Formal Bow Tie"'s tooltip stats.

Main Menu

  • New feature! We've added a newsfeed to the main menu. The latest updates and news related to the game will be showing here with each patch.

Oleander :UnicornomiconClosed::OTP:

  • Fixed issue with Oleander that caused the graphic for Shadow Blast to desync.
  • Fixed remaining strange interactions during Shadow Blast that would multiply the hits Oleander would take

Arizona :arizona:

  • Fixed more interactions between Arizona's Trample and opponents that are capable of destroying projectiles
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