Grand Stampede 2021


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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold

Grand Stampede, the summit international online tournament event for Them's Fightin' Herds, will take place on Aug 28, starting at 11am PDT.

Registration is free and open until Wednesday, Aug 25. Add your name to the bracket on here.

Everyone within an eligible region (see for details) may register. There is no entry fee and no participant cap.

Grand Stampede is NOT an invitational! Circuit Points are being used to determine seeding, by total number, in ranking order, according to the number of points each player has.

We'll be streaming the whole thing on Twitch. Hope to see you there! We'll have raffles! Get ready to see some of the best TFH this year!

Tournament Prizes

Earnings from the Matcherino prize pool will be distributed to top 8 at this ratio:
  • 50% for 1st
  • 20% for 2nd
  • 10% for 3rd
  • 8% for 4th
  • 4% for 5th (x2)
  • 2% for 7th (x2)

Physical Medals
Top 8 will each receive a physical Stampede Tournament Circuit medal denoting the player's place in Grand Stampede.

Digital Trophies
Top 3 will each receive a unique in-game trophy to wear in the Pixel Lobby according to their place: bronze for 3rd, silver for 2nd, and gold for 1st. They will be distributed in an award ceremony after the grand final.

Custom Palette
The grand champion will work with Mane6 to develop a custom palette (for the character of their choice) to be added to the game, credited to them.

Themed Hit Box
The grand champion will receive a custom art Hit Box from one of the following options.

Contribute $5 or more to the Matcherino for a chance to win one! No region restrictions. The winner will be selected Monday after the tournament.
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