Getting stuck in Reine City


Tiz Honolulu
May 4, 2018
I hope this is enough, and I'm sorry if this isn't actually a bug!:arismile3:

• Location of Bug: Pixel Lobby, Specificly in Reine City.

• Description: I get stuck where I think I'm not supposed to be, since when I'm out of it I can't get in it. And in the video I can't get out, I fix this by rejoining the Lobby.

• Screenshot:
• Steps to reproduce: Just walk to it after respawning from Salt Mines, I think.

• Reproduction rate: I'm not sure, might only happen after I lose in the salt mines, since that's what happened this once.

DxDiag Report:
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Mane6 QA
Feb 2, 2016
Ontario, Canada
Thanks for the report!

This could be one of two things, either you found a very easily reproduced hole in the collision, or your connection to the server wasn't really keeping up and your client-side position got through the collision before the server caught up to where it was trying to go.

Regardless, thanks for this, we'll look into it.