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Game switches controllers after beating an enemy in the Salt Mines.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Silk_Sk, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Silk_Sk

    Silk_Sk Crowdfund Backer
    Crowdfund Backer

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    Location of Bug: Salt Mines

    Description: After beating a predator in the Salt Mines, I can no longer interact with the game using my arcade stick. It switches to the player 2 controls, which I have set to my keyboard.

    Possibly related: After assigning player 1 and 2 controllers, I am unable to move to the next screen using my arcade stick. I have to press Z on my keyboard. I can, however, skip the developer title screens with my arcade stick before-hand. I just can't use it to leave the controller assignment screen.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Go to salt mines.

    2. Defeat a predator.

    Reproduction rate: 100%. So yeah, I can't do the Salt Mines with my arcade stick. It's really frustrating.

    System specs: see attached file.

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  2. Negagenesis

    Negagenesis Backers' Beta Tester
    Backers' Beta Tester

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    Same problem as above.
    P1 arcade stick no other controllers set up, if I fight someone at the salt mines the game switches to Keyboard for P1.

    To add, even if I set up a joypad as secondary controller the game still set up the keyboard as P1 controller.

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  3. beta

    beta Mane6 Dev
    Staff Member Mane6 Developer

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    Hi. Saltmines are getting worked on again really soon and this is one of my high priority bugs for it. Thanks
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