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From Pixel Lobby to Vanila Lobby and Vice Versa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CocoaTea, May 11, 2018.

  1. CocoaTea

    CocoaTea Pomeranians and Pomegranates

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    I do not know if this has been discussed before, so here it is!

    I always wondered, what if someone is too shy to go to the pixel lobby or just somehow only know matchmaking through vanila lobby?
    In the future, would there be a feature that allows the player from the pixel lobby to connect to the players in the vanila lobby and vice versa?

    Does the devs talk about this?
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  2. Salty Beef

    Salty Beef Fau Con, at your service.

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    hmm. I have no idea if that's even possible. but, I know they want to add an actual normal matchmaking option. it'd be good for the game, allot of people are probably put off by the fact it's not available yet.
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  3. CocoaTea

    CocoaTea Pomeranians and Pomegranates

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    Ahhh, matchmaking sounds super neat! Glad to know that's it is planned :arismile: at least I would get my butt kicked with peoples that are on the same level. I could see why some people would be put off by no matchmaking yet, it is hard to learn when we are too high or too low skilled compared to our opponents

    I just hope that its is possible to just connect between the two lobbies without exiting either one, cause it is a hassle to disconnect or leave the lobby, just to check the other lobby to see if someones is there.

    A little menu that could pop up to indicate how many people in both lobbies would be nice. (If vanilla lobby, this menu could be accessed when we are waiting for someone to connect, if pixel lobby, this menu could be accessed when we press the magic button, alongside the wardrobe and others) If it doesn't allow us to connect directly then its okay, just allow us to see how many people are on the other lobbies, pixel or vanilla, that are finding a match
    In all honesty, I don't know if this feature is possible, maybe it would mess up the UI? I only played Skullgirls as a ref to fighting game, (maybe you guys have any experiences and examples from other fighting games?) seeing that SG never do this as well, which made me very lonely when I'm waiting on my lobby and feel demotivated to wait long for a match, other games like Team Fortress 2 an FPS, allows me to see other servers when I'm playing, even if no one joined my server, at least I know that other servers are full, and I'll join them if I had my fair share of long waits.

    But that's an FPS, in fighting games, iunno? Is it possible, or the coding would be messed up? I have no idea how to make games so, this might be ignorance talking
    I'm sorry, this turned out to be longer than I thought :arisad: