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[Forum Game] Scenes From a Hat

Welcome to scenes from a hat, where everything's made up and the points don't matter :3

This is basically a forum version of Who's Line Is It Any Way's Scene from a hat game.

If you've never heard of it, (or just need a refresher), the best way to figure out how it works is to just watch them play it

Anyone can add/act out a scene and there's no real rules apart from let people act out the scene before adding a new one (and for the regular forum rules but that goes without saying :D)

I'll start the first scene: Unlikely inspirational quotes.
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Shadow of Death

Grushdeva Du Kalt Misht
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Flower Shop - "We now double check our stock for venomous insects"
Discount Buffet - "Get a free dinner for one with every case of food poisoning!"
Private School - "Our staff most definitely gets their degree from an accredited school."
Taxi Service - "We get you there. Eventually."
Airport - "When you fly with us, our pilots get high too!"
Cosmetic Surgery - "No refunds!"
Joe's Discount Mortuary - "Our 'clients' don't complain about our service, why should you?"