Fight sticks

Oct 31, 2017
I agree with Lanxide in that I'm finding dashing on a fight stick to be very unreliable. You have to be very clean with your input (which can be hard under pressure), otherwise it will just walk you forward twice and nowhere near where you wanted to be.
Other than that fightsticks go gud.

I'm thinking of saving some money and buying a Xim4 and a mechanical keyboard.
To each her own but I feel like maybe you could have spent more time? Inputs on any new controller is kind of weird at first.
Oct 31, 2017
I bought a 80 dollar Mayflash F500 Fight stick and it seems pretty good to me. of course I've never had one before but even with its "cheap" buttons it seems good. and I can always switch out the buttons on it for better ones. either way I do agree, everyone should try a fightstick at least once.

interesting that you mention the dashing. on my Xbox360 and 8bitdo NES30 I had a hard time doing quarter circles and dash's. but with my fight stick I seem to be able to do both better. I did change my gate to 8 way though so that probably helped with the circles.

also I wish I knew this thread existed, I would have put my fight stick stuff here instead of "The Legitimacy of Controls"
all well. I should search next time.
Thank you Mr Cam. I guess people just do not like my way of wording things because I get that critique often.


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Feb 6, 2016
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I been quoted twice, so allow me to elaborate on previous grievances.

I am noob.
So, yes, a majority of my problems are related to my inexperience. However, I will stand by what I said. This is because I have picked up a few different weapons in my gaming life, but none of them have been quite as iffy, at least when it comes to dashing, as my fight stick. It is a good fight stick, so I I know I can only blame myself haha. After all, it's nothing that practise and attention can't solve. But I felt like throwing my amateur opinion/experience out there.

With that outta the way, I also wanna say, I feel the most comfortable wielding a keyboard than anything else. Analog sticks are just too loose for me y'know? I like the binary clarity of 'this is forward, this is down, these two at the same time are crouch block'. Of course fight sticks do that too. But you have to like...FIND where exactly those directions are and where they change. But on a keyboard it is literally spelled out for you. Now, some people say they don't like that rigidity, but I do :)
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Sep 15, 2020
I'm kind of late to the party here as it seems, but I wanted to ask everyone a question!

So I own a Mayflash F300 and I kind of agree with Tox that input is rather wierd when you don't have experience. Now I've played on it for quite some time now and the square gate on it really pisses me off, because I want to ride the edges of the gate for doing inputs like Quarter circle forward or backward. So I'm looking for a new arcade stick and I think I chose the Qanba Obsidian

I saw a Qanba Obsidian review and I feel like it will be my cup of tea. However I would like to ask if anyone has some past experience with it?