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Fan-Made Fœnum Ghost Stories


Apr 28, 2021
So, first thread within this particular tapestry of crazy! Try not to be too harsh in your criticisms please?

Anyways, here's the gist: after reading @Eliah Pickford's 'Headcanon related bits "Ghost Stories"' thread, I started wondering; is there anyone else on these forums who have thought up of similar tales? So, after checking with Eliah themselves on the matter, I thusly decided to create this thread!

Basically, this is where fans of TFH can concoct and post their own 'Ghost Stories' or 'Urban Legends', as it were. Naturally, there are a couple of rules to follow so as to stop anyone from going too far;

1. You are to follow the rules of the site above all else. I don't want the Mods to feel the need to close or, Champions Forbid, Delete this thread. If you feel conflicted about whether to follow this thread's rules or the rules of the forum as a whole, I encourage preference to the latter.
2. NO NSFW and/or Mature content, please. Teen Rated stories, I'll tolerate, since the Mods wouldn't have let it through if it was unsuitable, but I still encourage keeping it PG, folks.
3. Minimal Gore, please. I'm not entirely against anyone using it, just try to not go beyond what's needed for the story. Teen Rating-level references to it are tolerable, though, so long as you respect the rules.
4. The stories you post should at least mimic the structure of actual Ghost Stories/Urban Legends. Not Fanfics, or anything along those lines, but actual Ghost Stories/Urban Legends.
5. Creepypasta-esque stories will be tolerated, so long as they hew towards the 'Archetype' of Ghost Stories and Urban Legends. Those matching the 'Anecdote' style of Creepypasta are the most welcome form of said medium, with the 'Ritual' and 'Fiction' styles being only a step or two behind.
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