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Jan 25, 2016
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In addition to the Global Forum Rules, the following rules apply and will be enforced in the Fan Creations forum.
  • While we love how creative our fanbase is in general, as per the section this forum is located at, please keep your threads' artistic content to at least 75% Them's Fightin' Herds related.
  • Text-based content (e.g. fanfiction, poetry, etc.) is completly okay!; general discussion about a topic (e.g. "Shipping") however, would be more appropriate to the general discussion or off topic forums, so please keep threads based on content (and discussion about said content) rather than of the medium or the content's topic as a whole.

On roleplaying

  • "Faction" roleplay is allowed only in the already existing threads, marked as [FactionRP]
  • No new Faction RP threads are allowed
  • Global forum rules continue to be enforced, but moderation will be slightly more lenient on the RP threads. Specifically, on rule 4 ("Keep it legible") pertaining to text color and formatting.
    • Extreme use of AlTeRNatINg CaSe, highly-contrasted colored text, and any use of "Zalgo" text is stricly forbidden.
    • Disruptive posts will still be moderated accordingly
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