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Extra Credits

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Firekirby, May 3, 2017.

  1. Firekirby

    Firekirby Star Warrior
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    Okay, so for anyone who doesn't know what Extra Credits is, it's a Youtube channel build by educators in the game industry with the sole purpose of provoking thoughts on topics in the field, as well as providing solutions to problems the medium has had for a while. (they also have a really neat, storybook-style history series on the channel as well, but that's not quite relevant right now) Usually, when watching their videos, I start envisioning a game related to the subject matter. And today's video? Today's video put TFH to the front of my mind:

    Everything I've seen Mane 6 do... everything I've seen them promote... it all leads to this game being an awesome lifestyle game. From the virtual lobby to training matches, so much of this is leading to a great social experience and I love it! I sure do hope to see this game last a while, because god damn, the Mane 6 dev team is going the extra mile to help form a great community!
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  2. Delusional Dreamer

    Delusional Dreamer FÅ“num iCloud

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    This was a very interesting video, I think it covers a lot of aspects of how a game becomes something people play or involve themself with a lot. I lot of the things mentioned are really interesting to think about, and it's weird realizing that a lot of the games I've been involved with do teach or impact us in certain ways, like the math part for example. A lot of games are all about numbers and you don't even realize it at first, if you get a pick off you push while the other team is down or you retreat when two of your teammates die. About the entire lifestyle part, that looks absolutely like what TFH is set on becoming, I've already told countless people about it and lurked on the forums and various Discord Servers for a while, and it seems it's roped everyone else here in too. I'm already pretty invested in a game that hasn't even been open for the public to play, Manesix has really done something special here.
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