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Empty Your Life Savings 2017 (AKA Summer Steam Sale)

R U Ready?

  • Nooo! I still haven't finished paying the loan sharks after last year's sale!

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  • Bah! Who needs video games?

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  • I can go without food for a while, what's the harm?

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Gaben can't get you if you don't use steam!

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  • How do people keep coming up with these ridiculous steam sale videos?

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  • I like meemz :3

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Delusional Dreamer

Dreamer of Delusional Dreams
Sep 29, 2016
The Moon.
It's here! The end times are coming! Nothing is sacred but him, for the one true lord has returned to Earth to reap the crops of our faith, that sprung from the seeds of our wallets and birthed themselves so they can see the glory that is the sale. Everything, everything you've ever wanted, lies waiting right there. Everything you've ever wanted to know, everything you've ever wanted to see, lies right there, on the store page. All questions have been answered, and we bask in the holy glow of the sale. All questions answered but one. And that one defiant question is the truest question you'll ever here, for if you can't proclaim to the world "Yes, absolutely!" you are a sinner, a heretic, scum of the Earth.
Are you ready for a miracle?
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The King of Poor Decision Making
Crowdfund Backer
Welp, still no flash sale or daily deals, I'm used to it by now.

Got my hands on RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and all of the DLC for less money than the base game normally costs.

As for recommendations, here's a wall of VNs that have great deals at the moment:

- CLANNAD Bundle: A bit less than 30 bucks for what can amount to 150+ hours worth of very well done stories. Just as an extra note, CLANNAD on it's own normally goes for 50 bucks when not on sale, so this is an awesome deal!
- Harmonia: Key's most recent VN, going for about $3.50 instead of $10. Another worthwhile read.
- Planetarian: Yet another Key VN, going for 3 bucks instead of 10. The story is similar to Harmonia, but it still has it's own identity (also came out before it).
- Hatoful Boyfriend: The complete pack bundle is a measly 5 bucks for both games and their collector's editions, which amounts to anywhere from 25-40 hours of reading depending on your speed.

And because I can never sing it's praises enough, the full One Way Heroics bundle (base game and Plus expansion) is going for about $4.50. This game is a fantastic roguelike, a must get for fans of the genre.
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Has the beginner's gung-ho spirit!
Jun 9, 2017
All of BlazBlue is on sale. I only bought chronophantasma extend, though because I'm broke af. The whole bundle is only $40, as compared to the regular $100.


Where there is smoke, there is fire!
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
I picked up Sentinels of the Multiverse. Will probably grab its first Season Pass later on while it's still $5 off.

Now to try and convince my friends to buy the Danganronpa 2-pack.

Shadow of Death

Grushdeva Du Kalt Misht
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
I bought a few.

Kingdom: New Lands Edition + Devil Daggers + Everything+OST + Windlands+OST + NeverAlone: Foxtails + NeverAlone OST + Darkmaus+OST + Rebel Galaxy + Lovely Planet+OST + ADR1FT + Rime Berta + Haunt the House Terrortown Soundtrack Edition

I'd probably have bought more, but I've spent a LOT in the last month (and in the months beforehand). For example, I bought my QHD G-Sync monitor this month.


Posts at Glacial Speed
Backers' Beta Tester
Oct 18, 2016
Hiding behind cabbages~
Oh yeah, I made a few acquisitions this time around.
  • Steredenn: Gotta match my PS4 high score!...Once I have a computer that doesn't lag on loop 0, anyway.
  • Dream: Longtime wishlist entry, just curious to see what it's about.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Gotta learn about Ori before they're playable in Rivals of Aether!

Shadow of Death

Grushdeva Du Kalt Misht
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
Picked up some more:

Mount Wingsuit + Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive & OST + Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Digital Complete + Life is Strange Complete + Sword with Sauce: Alpha + Shantae Half-Genie Hero
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Where there is smoke, there is fire!
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 3, 2016
I nabbed the discounted Sentinels DLC, and also RCR Underground cause a friend wanted me to nab it. We're trying to get our other friend to get both games before the final 8 hours or so are up. I'm done shoppin now!


The Class Pet
Oct 17, 2016
I have compiled a list of everything that I bought during the 2017 Summer Sale, brace yourselves!
Killing Floor: Free (20.00)(Thanks Humble!) <3
Ether One: 4.99 (20.00)
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage: 1.24 (2.49)
Future Unfolding: 14.99 (19.99)
Fables From The Den: 3.39 (3.99)
Zup! 5: 0.79 (0.99)
Shelter 2 Mountains EP: 0.99 (0.99)
Paws: A Shelter 2 Game: 9.74 (14.99)
Meadow Soundtrack: 2.69 (2.99)
Shelter 2 Soundtrack: 2.99 (2.99)
Shelter Soundtrack: 2.99 (2.99)
SuperHot: 14.99 (24.99)
DESYNC: 7.49 (14.99)
Without Sale= $132.99
With Sale= $67.28
Now my wallet can finally rest...