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Elsa's First Month 2.0 Tierlist

Who is the new best character in the game?

  • Arizona

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  • Oleander

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  • Tianhuo

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  • Paprika

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  • Pom

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  • Shanty

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Electric Sheep and Labrabulls
Jul 8, 2020
Exactly what it says on the tin.

I'm no top player, but, Arizona seems mostly unmoved from her top 2 status, Shanty is maybe as good as her, Tianhuo had mostly sidegrades but for the most part seems to be mostly better. Paprika is no longer way behind the rest of the cast. She seems extremely solid and just a nutty as everyone else, though maybe not quite as nutty as some of these nerds. Pom and Oleander are still great snowballers and can keep pace with everyone else in terms of damage and advantage state, but Pom's main weakness, zoning playstyles, is more pronounced than it was in 1.0, and Oleander's new pressure tools and strategies seem, at best, underexplored. (That's probably the case, to be fair.) Velvet's combo and disadvantage states are about as potent as before, but she is the only character that received buffs to both her neutral and her advantage state. Her zoning is much more threatening, and most characters will need to defeat her zoning before defeating her (though of course, an effective round start plan is still going to be strong against her). Basically, everyone performs excellently in all parts of the game, but the S+ tier characters have strengths in neutral that are generally stronger against the characters in S tier. Despite that, this game is pretty well balanced! I mean, there is hardly a gap in strength here!