Early Access Patch #8 (07/21/18)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold

Early Access Patch 7/21/18 is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games and pixel lobby servers to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

New Features

Tutorial Mode

We've worked hard to provide Oleander with both the free time and crayons to teach you how to fight. While she wasn't happy about being asked to, it's in her contract, so she'll now teach the basics, not-so-basics and advanced-basics of the game's mechanics to everyone. You can find her lessons on the Single Player Menu! Happy learning!

Please note that this is the first public iteration of Tutorials, as the mode will be receiving tweaks and updates based on needs and feebdack.


Not much in the form of gameplay updates beyond some bug fixes this time around. Gameplay/Balance changes are absolutely incoming, some are/are close to being major changes and the tutorials have been getting hard focused among other things. Now that the tutorial is done, we can start to iterate properly and provide more rapid, smaller updates as this has been our largest undertaking so far. Stay tuned!


  • Counterhit timings are now far more consistent across normals.
  • Fixed a miscalculation from the previous patch that caused blocking to give more meter to the attacker than landing hits would(!!!!)
  • Blocking now also grants a small bit of meter for the defender
  • All characters now have proper, lip synched introductions. As of now, Player 1 remains the only one with a speaking role, but we'll be introducing more back and forth intros over time.


  • :6::A: hitbox extended forward slightly
  • :6::A: moves forward slightly


  • Fixed minor launcher graphical bug which caused the ice sculpture to face the opposite direction

Oleander :OTP:

  • It's no longer possible to gain meter on block while Fred is out (whups!)


  • Fixed a bug that allowed j.C to hit without applying JD


  • Follower puppies now continue following while pom's in hitstun, but slowly
  • Puppies manually moved while puppy is in distress are slowed
  • Mom counter is cancelled if pom is in hitstun

Known Issues

  • If Velvet gets hit by another Velvet's level 2, some specials may act particularly weird/disappear.
  • :4::D: into j.A with tianhuo reads out to be 14 frames of startup before earliest possible hit, but it's actually 18.


Mane6 Dev
Mane6 Developer
Hotfix 7-21-18.a



  • Fixed issue where in several cases the attacker could gain meter if they are using a super.


  • Fixed miscalculation of the last hits of Ice Cyclone

Other Changes

Pixel Lobby
  • Fixed an issue that would degrade performance after more than 16 players entered the same area
Be sure to update and verify your files again. If you fight someone and one of you isn't updated, your fight may desync.
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