Early Access Patch #7 (11/05/18)

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EA patch 7: Ev'rybody Dance Now! Edition
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The patch (5/11/18) is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games and pixel lobby servers to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

This is a rather hefty patch as it includes a ton of changes and fixes to some long standing bugs. As the gameplay has been given time to settle in a bit, it turns out certain characters were slightly overperforming. Furthermore, due to staggers being a reliable way to avoid mechanics intended to limit the potency of mixups after knockdowns, we have changed how staggers work post-JD. Players who rely on using staggers as late as possible will now have to be more wary of the JD bar as they too have to deal with a guaranteed knockdown situation. These changes may adversely impact the performance of said characters in unexpected ways, and we'll be keeping a close eye on how they perform to determine if any further tweaks are necessary to compensate. Lots of things are quite different now, so please be vocal and detailed with any issues/bugs you run into and we'll be sure to give it a look!



  • Cross Canter is now totally impossible to combo after
  • Cross Canter now armor breaks
  • The opponent can no longer be staggered if JD is filled, It will instead cause a crumple that always leads to soft knockdown
  • Fixed some cases where a player could tech out of command grabs
  • Fixed several situations where a player could cancel block and hitstuns into movement options or supers
  • Fixed being able to gain above full health from eating apples
  • Fixed health gained by eating apples messing up red health values
  • It is no longer possible to force a Hard Knockdown off of full JD normals by cancelling into a super before they hit the ground
  • Fixed an issue preventing input buffering for specials when landing
  • Fixed an issue preventing grabbing (until the player returns to neutral) after doing a low attack (This issue specifically affected Arizona, Oleander and Paprika because of command normals)
  • Training Dummy now properly techs tumbles at the earliest possible frame after a groundbounce/tumble has been used in a combo
  • Standing KO's work properly again, should eliminate most if not all of the remaining 'Armored KO' bugs

Arizona :arizona:

  • Damage proration from Ropes reduced slightly
  • :6::B: Hurtboxes moved upward
  • Super now completes VO
  • Super now has 1 frame post-superflash, alleviating previously 'unblockable' situations
  • Super now cleaves through pets and projectiles without hitstop

Velvet :Velvet:

  • Cancelling :C: startup into grab no longer spawns the ice graphic
  • Eating animation no longer has a cardboard ice sprite. Poof!
  • Now has a crouch sliding animation

Oleander :UnicornomiconClosed::OTP:

  • Fred is no longer controllable while teching
  • Fred stops attacking if Oleander gets hit
  • Outside of meter stealing attacks, you can no longer gain any meter while Fred is out
  • Super meter requirements per level increased slightly
  • Teleports :A: and :B: now always costs 1 magic, even if grounded
  • Opening damage for j.:2::C: decreased, minimum damage increased slightly
  • Fixed another remaining case of the Chapter Trap hitbox detaching from its graphic when cancelled into a super
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    • Ollie, are you okay, are you okay, are you okay, Ollie?
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    • :olliecool:

Paprika :Paprika:

  • Blocked super should more reliably end up on the opposing side
  • :B: startup and recovery has been sped up
  • :B: and :2::B: are slightly safer on block
  • Kiss now refunds a flat 250 JD, with a minimum cap of -150
  • Damage proration from Kiss reduced slightly
  • Super should no longer be able to trigger off of pets/projectiles
  • There is now an indicator that a player is close enough to eat a gift (actual graphic pending)
  • Super now cleaves through pets without hitstop
  • Fixed a bug involving paprika's movement options that had an extremely small chance to crash the game(!)
  • Boom, baby!

  • Every puppy in Stampede now have hurtboxes
  • Dad now follows the opponent from behind, as intended
  • Preblock distance of :2::C: increased (This might cause issues, will be monitoring the effects of this)
  • Throws from pets can no longer connect with opponents who are in preblock
  • Fixed Pom being able to level 2 after dad has hit the opponent
  • Mom Izuna Drop now properly KO's if it's the last hit
  • Mom Counter and Izuna Drop no longer gain a first-hit bonus
  • j.:B: hitstop increased (should also help with the high/low protection)
  • Puppies are no longer controllable while teching
  • Dad usability now follows the same rules as all other puppies (Not usable during hitstun or teching, stops when pom gets attacked, etc.)
  • You wouldn't hit a wee lamb, would you?

  • Can no longer whiff cancel air normals into flight
  • Volcanic Bash now has a grounded version
    • Travels a bit less of a distance than air version
    • Goes through projectiles
  • All specials except for successful V.Crashes have increased landing recovery
  • New j.:A: that aims moreso for air-to-air than straight towards the ground
  • Flight startup time increased
  • Upward flight max speed lowered
  • Downward flight acceleration increased
  • Super startup time decreased
  • Super startup jump height decreased
  • Old j.:A: is now accessible during Ran Shao Feng, and is now an overhead
  • :B: hitboxes normalized, no longer whiffs on crouching opponents during the beginning of the attack
  • :B: recovery increased
  • Has renounced captaincy of the Empress' Imperial Guard to assume captaincy of the Empress' Imperial PicnicBasketBall Team.

New Lobby Features

  • Added 'voice channels' so now users can choose which chat channel they are on. This includes an option to only hear and communicate with people who are fighting with you or spectating.
    • Reverted change where your voicechat was filtered per lobby room
  • Lobby scoreboard now shows everyone's voice channel so you can see where your friends are
  • Lobby fights now show both fighters voice chat activity and voice chat channels
  • Spectators can now open online menus during fights

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed major bug where some controller types could stop working after fighting a predator in saltmines
  • Fixed up lobby character collisions against walls to correctly handle slopes and sharp corners
  • Fixed bug where music was at full volume on splash screen, but then adjusted when the main menu came up
  • Fixed bug where :D: notification could appear while you were trying to open a chest
  • Fixed bug where grabbing a chest while running could cause a server desync
  • Changed teleport/arrival sound in pixel lobby so that it only plays for the whole server when you first join the server.
  • Fixed bug where disconnecting from someone during character select could prevent you from fighting them in the future until one of the games was restarted

Backend changes

  • How players recieve world updates from the lobby server has changed. You should not feel any difference in smoothness, but if you do experience new problems, be sure to let us know!
  • Entirely changed how chest claiming works internally. Should provide a smoother experience, but as with all new code, there may be bugs!
  • Changed the way sprite drawing works. Should be less load on older computers, but has potential for bugs. Let us know if you get weird graphical glitches in lobby

Known Issues

  • If Velvet gets hit by another Velvet's level 2, some specials may act particularly weird/disappear.
  • :4::D: into j.:A: with tianhuo reads out to be 14 frames of startup before earliest possible hit in training mode, but it's actually 18.
  • Currently, spectators cannot set their voice channel while in a match
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