Early Access Patch #6 (04/13/18)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Early Access Patch #6 (4-13-18): Infinite Combo Your Friends Edition!

From user feebdack, we've put together a new feature for online matches. All online modes now have an options menu that can be brought up by holding start. This menu contains options for enabling and disabling certain features of the fight (like infinite magic) and training data displays that can allow you to lab better with friends. Players in a training fight can now display their opponent's (or teacher's) inputs to better follow by example.

Here’s the new options:

New Features

In Fight (Online)

  • New Options added to Pause Menu
    • View command lists
    • Show Hitboxes (Online training only)
    • Show Collision box (Online training only)
    • Show Your Stick Motions (Online training only)
    • Show Your Opponents Stick Motions (Online training only)
    • Display you or your opponents input list (Online training only)
    • Enable or disable HUD (Online training only)
    • Enable, disable or defocus background (Online training only)
    • Enable or disable infinite super (Online training only)
    • Enable or disable infinite magic (Online training only)
    • Enable or disable juggle decay (Online training only)
    • Netgraph variant
    • SFX volume
    • Music volume
    • Voice Chat volume
    • Character voice volume
    • Chest notification sounds (pixel lobby only)

Voice channels and muting all but opponent/spectators for pixel lobby was meant to go on here, but it didn't quite make it in in time. Next patch!

Other Changes

In Fight (Everywhere)

  • Button displays have been recolored to be more Mane6-ey (and match our ABCD color standard)

Pixel Lobby
  • Goggles cosmetic moved to hat slot
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