Early Access Patch #5 (04/03/18)

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Jan 25, 2016
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This update (EA Patch 5 - 4/3/2018) contains a ton of content! …. That we can't show quite yet! Much of it is related to Saltmines 2.0. We have decided to roll out a couple of pretty major backend changes that we’ve been waiting to try for a while. These changes are aimed at overall game stability to strike down those last few elusive bugs that cause "random" failures. Let us know if you get any crashes after this patch!

(Fairly) Major Backend Changes
  • Major backend change that could potentially fix most remaining "random" crashes that people are having
  • The "black textures on UI" bug should be fixed now, for people that were still getting that.
  • Raised Pixel lobby player limit to 25 -- will keep some servers at reduced cap just in case
  • Changed the way textures are handled under the hood, which should make the game significantly more stable after being open for long periods of time
  • Changed the way that Relay connections are detected, and relay connections are now displayed on leaderboard by turning the opponent's ping red
Changes and Improvements
  • Moved many Pixel Lobby face-type items (glasses, masks) into the third cosmetic slot, which is now usable
  • Third slot now has a "NEW!" indicator that displays until you access it
Bug Fixes
  • UI elements in pixel lobby (name tags, interaction menus) are no longer affected by screenshake
  • Fixed a bug in which the Salt Mine ungulates appeared in full color. Palettes for AI Ungulates in Salt Mine fights remain unchanged, but will be corrected in a future patch
  • Fixed sound rollback being able to be turned on, but not off again
  • Fixed Backer characters sometimes getting disabled "permanently"
  • Fixed glitch where random body parts in pixel lobby player characters could disappear (or appear) incorrectly when switching cosmetic items
  • Fixed minor UI issues that caused lines to appear over predators in main menu
  • Fixed issue where you would disconnect from lobby after minimizing
  • Fixed issue where AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA level of mines could cause clients to slow down over time and not recover until restarted
  • Added more robust blackscreen fadeout -- less prone to camera glitching
  • Leaderboard now shows if you are using a relay connection to a player
  • Fixed issue where, sometimes, going through a door could cause the top of the black screen transition to "pop" resulting in a janky door transition
  • Sound listener position is now based on your lobby characters position, not on the camera


Check your settings for weather effects, backer characters and sound rollback. If you had them set away from the defaults, they may have been reverted.
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