Early Access Patch #24 (12/12/19)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Early Access Patch #24 (12/12/19)

We're pushing out a relatively small but significant patch to address some critical bugs in the menus and in the Salt Mines. There is a shiny new palette for Tianhuo: Royal Gold! Read on:

  • Added pageleft/pageright icons on either side of the main menu newsfeed to make it more clear that you can manually scroll.
  • Added a black stripe on the bottom of the main menu to make navigation easier to see.
  • Fixed a bug that caused player portraits on the casual XP display to appear blank.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “backer” portrait banner to appear for players who were not backers, and to not appear for players who were backers (on the main menu only).
  • There is now a “mane6” portrait banner to help identify devs.
  • Fixed some errors/inconsistencies with keyboard button glyphs.

Pixel Lobby

Salt Mines
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to get stuck on black if a player entered a fight during a difficulty level transition, or as the Final Showdown began.
  • Many more predators now spawn during high-population runs to prevent starvation.
  • The controls display on the salt mines HUD has been expanded to include interacting/opening chests and mining in addition to throwing dynamite.
  • All players are now invulnerable to dynamite stun for 4 seconds just after coming out of a fight (yes, this includes the boss bear).
  • There is now a “diminishing returns” period on dynamite stuns, where if a player is stunned again shortly after coming out of their invulnerability period, that stun’s duration is reduced (yes, this includes the boss bear).
  • Fixed yet another spectate bug where if a player canceled at the spectate ready screen, they would no longer be able to fight or spectate other players.
  • Added pageleft/pageright icons to the hintstripe of the wardrobe menu.
  • Players will no longer receive matchmaking requests while they claiming an overworld chest. If a matchmaking accept prompt is already onscreen and a chest is claimed, the matchmaking prompt cannot be accepted. The player remains in the matchmaking queue.
    • This change is intended to prevent the occurrence of a bug that breaks matchmaking (until that player leaves and rejoins the lobby) if they receive a matchmaking request while claiming chest.
  • Fixed a bug where the GGPO ping display would not be the same as the actual match ping.
  • The Bunny Ears hat now layers properly with Oleander’s horn.


  • Fixed a bug in Velvet’s tutorial during her specials section where the dialogue explaining Shatters were using QCF glyphs instead of QCB.
  • The font of the input display list during combo trials has been condensed to allow more lines to appear onscreen at once.
  • Instructions on how to perform “Slide” now appear on Velvet’s command list.
  • New palette: “Royal Gold”.
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