Early Access Patch #23 (11/28/19)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Early Access Patch #23 (11/28/19)

We are pushing a maintenance update to prepare for NEC that includes revisions to the tutorial, more finely-detailed command lists, and some tightening across various menus. Also, there are now longma NPCS hanging out in the background of Huoshan, with animation!

General Updates/Bugfixes

  • The tutorial now takes you to your character’s stage instead of just Arizona’s.
  • Dialogue in all “basics” sections have been revised for better clarity. The rest of the tutorial will get a pass later on.
  • Oleander now wears her glasses in all “basics” sections... She’s been reading too much.
  • The tutorial dialogue’s font has been increased in size... For Oleander’s benefit.
  • Fixed the “Rebound” bug where a successful execution of Arizona’s level 2 super would fail the trial if done a little on the late side.
  • Fixed a bug where the advance dialogue arrow would not show up for any prompts past the very first intro.
  • Input display across all tutorials is now locked to stick only.
  • Renamed certain options in the tutorial pause menu for better clarity.
  • There is now a “previous section” command in the tutorial pause menu that takes you to the start of the section before the one you’re on currently.
  • During objective tests, the "FAIL" text now says "TRY AGAIN". (Oleander is slightly nicer to you… But you still failed.).
  • Greater input leniency is now allowed for the basic combos section. Example: rapid fire jabs no longer fail the trial.
  • Fixed a bug in the Combo Trial move list where Crouch Rapid Fire A moves wouldn’t show the crouching arrow icon.
Menus/Classic Lobby
  • Fixed an oversight that set Xbox controllers’ pageleft and pageright defaults to RT/RB. The defaults are now LB/RB, respectively.
  • In options menus, fixed a bug where a section’s “restore defaults” would restore defaults for options that were moved to other sections.
  • Added a “restore defaults” to video options, excepting display resolution options.
  • Fixed a bug where player portraits would not appear next to players’ names in the Classic Lobby.
Pixel Lobby
  • There is now a nicer background while you’re waiting to join a Pixel Lobby via “Quick Join”.
  • We believe we have fixed “spectate bug” #8. This one required you to watch your next match before you could spectate anything else or enter a fight, even after closing the game.
  • Fixed a bug where ping information on the match ready screen would be wildly incorrect if a player had previously timed out from the server.


  • All command lists have been updated to include more details on moves (as room allows).
  • Tianhuo’s stage now has additional background characters, including animated longma NPCs in the distance. Huoshan is an actual populated city, we swear!

Arizona :arizona:
  • All of Arizona's "reference" palettes now properly list credit as "Mane6" rather than "Mane6 Original.

Oleander :OTP:
  • We have temporarily removed the (intentional) asymmetrical leg color on the “Dusk Royalty” palette to fix widespread color errors with Oleander’s palettes in general. (Meanwhile, we've committed Leed and Anu to the laughing academy).

Known Issues
  • The Video Settings menu will not scroll back up once scrolled down. Don’t worry, no options are missing, just the header for Display Settings.
  • Tianhuo’s specials tutorial doesn’t yet contain an explanation for Volcanic Bash. We are working on it!
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