Early Access Patch #22 (11/14/19)

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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Early Access Patch #22

Greetings and salutations. We've got a maintenance patch going out to tie off the majority of the features planned for the previous Main Menu 2.0 update. There's not a whole lot here gameplay-wise (yet), but we do think you'll enjoy this collection of tasty UI improvements and bug obliterations.

We won't be doing a post-patch stream for this update, but there are some exciting announcements coming down the line soon. We'll be in touch.

Patch notes below:

  • TFH now supports button glyphs for “Fun-Location Shaped-Based”™ controllers. (Please don’t sue us.)
  • An option to manually specify the type of button glyphs you want displayed for each player has been added to the button config menu.
  • Accepting a matchmaking prompt is now done with Start/Pause instead of Utility 1.
    • Utility 1 is now an entirely vestigial input, but we’re looking into repurposing it for other modes. It remains an empty shell in button config until then. Don’t think about it too much or you’ll give it power.
  • During config all in button config, Voice Chat (formerly Utility 2) now uses the correct text in the prompt.
  • The game now displays a notification if you have less than 2GB of RAM available when you start the game, which is recommended for a smoother experience.
    • You may disable this notification in the options menu.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with confirm/cancel buttons across various menus and prompts.
  • Fixed a bug that showed an odd notification if you mashed join on a full Pixel Lobby server.
  • Targets Mode: Fixed an issue where the hover/selection bar would be white instead of magenta.

Pixel Lobby

Salt Mines
  • We’ve added unique glyphs to show when you’re in range to interact with chests, ore, and characters.
  • You should now be able to stand next to both a chest and salt ore and interact with either (using the relevant button) without having to move your character.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss bear could use its super from the background during its magic attack.
  • Fixed a bug where players would not be awarded salt if they started a predator fight during a difficulty level transition.
  • The overworld HUD now tells you when you’ve reached the salt cap of 50K.
  • The salt mines gate now asks you to confirm you still want to enter the mines despite having max salt.
  • Fixed a bug where the matchmaking icon displayed over a player sprite’s head layered over the quick chat menu.
  • The bone pile on the east cliff of Arizona’s lobby now has proper layering on the top edge.


  • Classic Lobbies have been un-broken’d.
  • We’ve added a feature that automatically resets a player’s button config if their controller is removed and an entirely different controller is plugged in. This is intended to alleviate an issue with button configurations remaining from a previous controller, particularly at local events.
    • To clarify: it only does the reset for one player if you swap that player’s controller while the game is running. It will not reset if the same controller is unplugged then replugged, nor if you shut the game down, unplug the controller, launch the game, then plug a different controller in.
    • This feature is disabled by default, for now. You can enable it using the "Automatic Controller Reset" toggle in the gameplay options menu. We would like to make this the default option in the future if it doesn’t cause more problems than it solves, so please try it out and give us your feebdack.
  • In Training Mode we’ve added a “standing” state for the dummy, which is now the default on new configs. This is intended to give players a way to have a standing dummy without the risk of accidental inputs from player 2’s controller.
  • The image previews on stage select for Pom’s stage now use the new stage instead of the old one.
  • Tutorial mode: dialogue for all character’s specials and magic sections has been revised.
  • Tutorial mode: clearer circle-gate input glyphs (that show up better on a black background) have been added to all relevant sections.
  • On the tutorial section select screen, the titles of various sections have been revised for better clarity.
  • Added the blinking red “low time” visual warning to minimal HUD.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed juggle decay settings from Training Mode to carry over to Arcade Mode and the Salt Mines.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed characters to take damage after the match timer had run out.
    • This issue would have never made the difference between a win or lose, it was purely visual. Matches were already decided before the extra damage was taken. Still, we added a safeguard that prevents characters from taking damage after the game decides a winner, to make things more clear.
  • Walk animations have finally been sped up to better fit her current walk speed.
  • Bear can no longer do foreground specials and super while in the background.

Known Issues
  • There’s a color error on Oleander’s far-front leg during certain animations.
  • In Arizona’s tutorial for her super attacks, the game sometimes doesn’t recognize the input buffer on Rebound properly, and will not register a successfully executed move.
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