Early Access Patch #20 (09/30/19)

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Early Access Patch #20 (09/30/19)

This update fixes some bugs and wraps up the last little bits of Salt Mines 2.0 that weren't considered "mission critical" during its debut. The dungeon UI has a new look, we've added music to the shop, shop dialogue has been expanded and slowed down a bit. There is also now a WIP difficulty selector at the beginning of Arcade Mode.

There will be more Salt Mines and Pixel lobby content coming in future patches: like more hats and additional dialogue portraits for Cap 'n Cash. We're also continuing to address bugs. As far as core features go, we believe we're in a good place until after 1.0., so keep the feebdack coming, but bear in mind we'll be shifting most of our development focus from this point on.

Let's dig into it.

Pixel Lobby

Salt Mines
  • The Salt Mines HUD has been redesigned for less clutter and increased visual clarity. Fonts have been updated, the HUD elements have had their size decreased slightly, and there are now the proper amount of colors in the difficulty level's progress bar.
  • The Salt Mines HUD now displays which button throws dynamite.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a really, really loud splash sound when dynamite exploded in water.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s name would appear on fight clouds they weren’t involved in.
  • Fixed an issue where “Tremendously Terrifying” got cut off in the ending scorecard.
  • We've made some adjustments to the Boss Bear’s command dash:
    • It now has more armor points.
    • It’s now definitely projectile-invulnerable the whole way through.
    • You can no longer block during the command dash, which was causing a weird slowdown effect to occur.
    • Fixed a bug where the bear would “land” in midair if they were hit during the dash.
  • (Known issue: The notification at the very end of a mines run that displays the final message ends too abruptly. We'll fix this.)

  • The shop now has music! Aw yeah.
  • Cap ‘n’ Cash now have unique dialogue depending on which character you have equipped when you enter the shop.
  • Shop dialogue auto-advances a bit slower now. Stay a while and listen.
  • Cashmere has added lights to the shop booth in Reine City and a Dreary Place. Market research shows ungulates love lights. (No lights have been added to the shop booth while in the Pummeling Prairie. There seems to be some kind of magical interference in that place.)
  • There are now tracks leading into the (now less) hidden Salt Mines gate room in Reine City and A Dreary Place, due to recently heavy hoof traffic.
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization on various cosmetics flavor text.
  • The match win counter on the combat HUD has been disabled for spectators, to avoid the appearance of a bug that caused it to tick up rapidly if a player disconnected.
  • Fixed a cosmetics error where Arizona and Velvet would be more naked when putting certain clothes on.
  • Fixed a cosmetic error where the Ludic...rous Sombrero would float over characters’ heads.
  • The Banked salt display on the upper right corner of the screen (by default) is now slightly larger.


  • There is now a dedicated graphic for “perfect” KOs. (Known issue: If you get a perfect and a time out KO simultaneously, it shows the perfect graphic instead of the time out graphic, but only if you're player 1. We'll fix this.)
  • There is now a difficulty selector at the beginning of Arcade Mode (though its still WIP look-and-feel wise.)
  • The announcer no longer asks if you want to play a rematch when the type of fight doesn't allow rematches.
  • Reference palettes made by Mane6 now just say “Mane6” instead of “Mane6 Original”.
  • A couple of backer palettes which previously read “Mane6” are now credited correctly. Yay for shrapnel fixes!

  • Fixed a bug where Rebound’s animation would play faster against a Velvet opponent.
  • Magic Stomp’s input buffer window has been slightly reduced when cancelling out of other attacks, to prevent accidentally getting stomp instead of other deliberately input magic attacks.

  • Made an animation adjustment so that during back throw, Velvet adjusts her position after the throw instead of during, to make it look more intentional. Nothing but appearances have been changed.

Predators :predwolf:
Prior to the bear updates in Salt Mines 2.0, the predators were operating with a set of mostly placeholder animations. In this update the wolf has received many animation improvements, particularly on dashes and :C:, along with some movement mechanics changes to fit them better:
  • Walk speeds have been lowered overall.
  • Dash speed and distances have been increased overall.


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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Early Access Patch #20.1 (10/04/19)

Small hotfix going out to enhance the new salt mines HUD in response to feebdack and fix a bug that caused a crash whenever players tried to enter a vanilla lobby!

  • Salt Mines HUD text: Added a stroke to messages' font. Increased font size slightly, and added a subtle backdrop.
  • Added a subtle backdrop to Salt Mines Top-Middle HUD
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash upon entering a vanilla lobby.
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