Early Access Patch #2 (03/06/18)

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Mane6 Dev
Mane6 Developer
Early Access Patch 2 (3/6/18).

EA Patch 2 (3/6/18) is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games and pixel lobby servers to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.


  • Input buffering now functions when coming out of blockstun
  • Training mode recordings for wakeup/hitstun/blockstun should now all trigger at proper reversal timing rather than well after returning to neutral
  • Inputs for specials have slightly more lenient and consistent timings
Arizona :arizona:
  • Magic Dash no longer causes slowdown during supers
Velvet :Velvet:
  • Shatter C damage reduced and JD increased
  • Shatter A's JD has been increased and can be cancelled into magic attacks
  • Shatters cause additional JDG
  • All icicles deal additional JD
  • Combo training now properly differentiates between "Air Icicle" and "Ground Icicle". It also properly takes into account when each of these different delayed specials actually hit the opponent
  • No longer slides when crouching out of a tech roll

    Due to the changes above, some combo trials have been removed/replaced
Oleander :oleander:
  • Fred can no longer attack during Oleander's blockstun. again.
  • Air throws no longer create a second book
  • New Teleport effects added
  • New Magic trap effect added
  • DarkSpark recovery increased
  • Teleport cancel window from Chapter Traps moved forward a few frames
  • Fred can no longer be called if the opponent is blocking while any of their objects are struck with dark spark. However, if this does still manage to happen, Fred Also can no longer cause infinite blockstun or chip damage.
  • Fixed some cases of the hitbox drifting away from Chapter Trap's graphic

    Due to the changes above, some combo trials have been removed/replaced
Paprika :Paprika:
  • Teleport C Damage reduced and JD increased
Pom :Pom:
  • Big Mama and Papa now visually leave the screen immediately, but the magic refund timing for Big Mama is untouched
  • Big Papa no longer turns into cardboard during hitstun and distress
  • Fixed palette issues during various attacks and movement abilities
  • Throw no longer creates cardboard
  • Attempting to use normals at the exact same time as magic should no longer result in empty inputs
Tianhuo :Tianhuo:
  • Flight timer reduced slightly
  • Winged animations and palettes have been given a complete pass (Flight mode is animated now!)
  • Volcanic Crash no longer causes the opponent pop up from the ground for 1 frame when JD is full
Online Changes
  • Online fights now feature a detailed netgraph to show your connection quality and can help pinpoint problems such as high packet drop and fluctuating ping. Press select to cycle through available graphs. (See below for how to interpret netgraph data)
  • Pixel lobby has additional netgraph data that allows you to see your opponents performance. This can help when it's unclear who's connection or computer is causing an issue in a match.
  • Pixel lobby now has a connection progress indicator. We're working with players to see why some people are having trouble connecting. If you get stuck on a stage, let us know!

AI Changes
  • AI is not nearly as block happy now on lower levels (Easy, normal and sleeptrot. Somewhat less on competent)
  • Reaction time nerfs -- especially for countering ('unfair' remains unchanged)
  • Fixed bugs where the AI would sometimes not attack certain characters unless provoked
  • AI settings in training mode now default to values according to your chosen difficulty setting

Backend Changes
  • Fixed bug where character sound format was not playing nice with FMOD on some computers. Lead to some players having "silent" characters, despite hearing the announcer.
  • HOPEFULLY improved stability after the game has been open for several hours (For nerds: reduced memory fragmentation over time with better use of memory pooling)
  • Reduced bandwidth usage for pixel lobby

Known Quirks
  • The tick/notch graph on the more detailed netgraph is a bit arcane right now. Blue ticks indicate GGPO rollback. Red ticks indicate pause and sync events (which can choke your framerate). Gray ticks indicate packet arrivals. Good connections should see a solid belt of gray. Bad or choppy connections may see uneven clumps of gray ticks.
  • Due to character changes, the following combo trials have been removed temporarily: Velvet Master 2, Velvet Prestigious 3, Oleander Master 1
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