Early Access Patch #13.2 (04/23/19)

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Early Access Patch #13.2

Our 04/25/19 update is now live on Steam. If you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

Hello everyone! We've got another round of bugfixes and balance updates coming in hot and fresh. We're pulling back Velvet's overall damage output to be more in line with other characters, and also adjusting the properties of Tianhuo's level 2 Volcanic Ash to mitigate an exploitative loop that was discovered recently. Also, Pom has new palettes!

However, these and a few other gameplay adjustments (detailed below) are the only items included in this particular patch. The triple pixel lobby update promised in the previous patch notes is not ready yet and will deployed separately early next week. Long story short: Paprika's lobby needs a little more work. Our estimates conclude that the lobbies will be ready for launch on Monday, the 29th. We need just the weekend to make sure the seams are properly stitched up.

Since there are major gameplay updates going out now, we're doing a post-patch stream! Catch the usual crew: Oreo, Cam, Nappy, Aaron, and the exalted MPK on Monday, the 29th at 3pm PT. That link again is twitch.tv/manesix.

And here. We. Go.



  • (Previously undocumented because Nappy's a dummy) Invulnerability during backdash has been increased by 3 frames. This was originally going out with the initial backdash -> jump patch but ended up going in immediately afterwards.
  • All supers PER HIT scaling has been reduced. (Minimum damage is untouched, this simply allows multihit supers across the board to deal slightly more damage earlier in a combo than before).
  • Superjumps and other unique air movement/jump types no longer allow air attacks to autocorrect towards the opponent after crossing up.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple overlayed hitboxes breaking Magic Counter even if they do not have armor breaking properties.
  • *Fixed an issue preventing players from blocking during Arizona's dash.
  • Forward Walk animation no longer detaches her shoulderblade.
  • :qcb::+::C: (Shatter C) animation updated slightly (Ice breath used to spin her).
  • j.:B: animation updated slightly (Ice shards are smaller).
  • :6::A: animation updated slightly (Softer background layer).
  • :qcf::+::atk: (Ice missiles) deal less damage and have reduced minimum damage.
  • All Shatters deal a bit less damage.
  • All Specials deal slightly less chip damage.
  • :qcf::+::atk::atk: Super damage has been reduced.
  • Slightly lowered damage on :2::B:, :C:, :3::C:, and :2::C:.
  • Fixed a lingering color bleed issue on Paprika's eye during her intro animation.
  • Paprika breathes more smoothly during character select
  • Fixed minor blanket layering issue during idle animation.
  • Gifts are no longer affected by slow motion until they've been launched or have touched the floor. (Freezing or magic dashing towards paprika no longer disables her magic abilities).
  • Pom has new palettes!
  • :qcb::+::B: (Pilot Pup)'s hurtboxes have been normalized, they no longer shrink significantly during attacks.
  • :qcb::+::B: (Pilot Pup)'s attackbox during swoop has been reduced in height.
  • :qcf::+::B: (Volcanic Bash)'s collision box height has been shrunken so Tian no longer pushes opponents she couldn't hit in the first place.
  • :qcf::+::A: (Volcanic Ash) during :qcb::+::atk::atk: (Ran Shao Feng) now attacks more quickly between hits 2 and 3.
  • Tianhuo now drops slightly more slowly after the third hit of Volcanic Ash during Ran Shao Feng.
Known Issues
  • If you have an attack that is disjointed enough, you can still do weird things to Arizona's Trample from afar with proper timing.

    *Hotpatch applied during the evening of 4/26/2019
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