Early Access Patch #12 (03/08/19)

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Jan 25, 2016
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Early Access Patch 03/08/19 is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games and pixel lobby servers to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

As we get closer to 1.0, you're gonna start seeing some big pushes for polish while we continue to work on story mode. This patch brings some much-desired combat HUD enhancements as well as further animation/balance updates. Read on...

Also, reminder that Oreo of our QA team will be hosting a Post-Patch Stream on Monday March 11 at 3pm PT. Same place as always: https://www.twitch.tv/manesix

New Features

Improved JD Bar

The JD Bar now has an animation when filled and changes color as JDG is tightened.
  • Yellow is the beginning of JDG
  • Orange is Average JDG
  • Red is high JDG (Time to wrap up that combo!)
  • Pink is insane JDG (How are you not done yet? CALM DOWN)

Invalid Combo Display

An 'invalid' combo is a combo that could have been teched out of at a certain point.
  • The combo number will change color if at any point your opponent could have teched out of your combo
  • Another number will show up underneath the color change to display on which hit of the current combo the opponent could have gotten out of it
  • Up to 3 failure points can be displayed at once (at which point how and why are they still letting you get away with this? HIT SOME BUTTONS, NEVER GIVE UP)

Reactive Character Portraits in Combat HUD

Expressions are context sensitive, for example "in hitstun", "performing super", "low health", etc.

Character Select Poses

Characters now strike a pose when chosen in character select! These are still a bit of a work in progress. We hope to finalize the animations by next patch. (it's still Early Access, after all)

Training Mode UI Extras
JDG value is now displayed in advanced data. This number is only ever affected after JD is filled

Frame data in Advanced Training mode now display division lines every 5 frames. This was long overdue and we apologize to all the lab monsters out there

New Tutorial Portraits
We've applied a layer of polish to Oleander and Fred's portraits in the tutorial. Fred is now much more pointy

Pixel Lobby
  • The Gas Mask accessory is now a face slot item. It was formerly a head slot item
  • Shadow characters in the Salt Mines now have proper in-fight palettes
  • There is now an icon in the server select menu that tells you which map it's hosting (though only Velvet's lobby is officially supported until next patch)



  • Replaced Oleander's Intermediate 5 combo trial
  • You can no longer block during backdash -> jump startup

Arizona :arizona:
  • Fixed an issue that caused Trample's recovery to prematurely disable counterhit, including on block
  • :6::B: hurtbox no longer totally clears the average height of an :A:
  • Running now continues if you pass your opponent
  • Trample animation updated
  • Trample startup no longer slides forward before launching
  • Fixed several cases where Trample could be cancelled into Level 2, even if the opponent has not been hit directly
  • :2::C: now has a new animation

  • Velvet now has several new animations for casting ice missiles and snowballs for air and ground
  • :2::1::4: (shatter) :A: and :C: have new ice animations. :B:'s ice animation now crumbles
  • :6::2::3: (eruption) :atk: ice animations now crumble
  • :2::1::4: (shatter) :A: and :C: no longer work strangely when Velvet is under the effects of another Velvet's level 2 frost effect (...finally)

  • Teleport :C: can now properly be counterhit
  • Running now continues if you pass your opponent

  • Can crouch cancel forward dashes again
  • The first backdash of the match no longer has 1 additional frame of invulnerability (...yep!)

Tianhuo :Tianhuo:
  • Air normals can no longer be cancelled into specials on whiff
  • :B: animation updated


Mane6 Dev
Mane6 Developer
Early Access Hotpatch 03/15/19 is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

Just a bit of general dusting off of some issues that popped up with the last update, particularly involving the recent backdash + blocking change. Things should be much more consistent now!



  • Instant blocking should now properly reduce maximum knockback while midscreen
  • Fixed an issue causing inconsistencies with blocking during jump startup after backdashing
  • Fixed invalid combo counter inaccuracy when throwing an opponent directly out of rolls

Velvet :Velvet:
  • :2::1::4:+:atk::atk: (Frostbite)'s frost slowdown effect no longer affects the opponent's throws

Oleander :OTP:
  • Fixed Cross Canter not costing the correct amount of meter
Tianhuo :Tianhuo:
  • Fixed being unable to do :2::3::6:+:A: (Volcanic Ash) during Ran Shao Feng
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