Early Access Patch #10.1 (01/4/19)

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Mane6 Dev
Mane6 Developer
Patch (1/4/19) is now live on steam so if you haven't yet, restart your games and pixel lobby servers to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

Heya! Hope everyone had some tasty holidays and happy new year's! This is a quick patch to clear up issues collected over the holidays with our recent patch, namely a rather sizable one that made Cross Canter almost unpunishable(!!).

To be completely honest, with all of the underlying system changes of last patch, i'm surprised many more things didn't fall out from underneath the game. My apologies, regardless! Keep up the bug reports!



  • Fixed an issue causing Cross Canter's window of vulnerability to fluctuate during recovery, making it difficult to punish
Arizona :arizona:

  • Fixed the coloring of ropes for all palettes
  • Brushed her teeth

Velvet :Velvet:

  • Fixed an issue causing most Victory animations to go to an odd pose after she's done speaking.

UI/Game Fixes

  • Predators are now less festive
  • Festive hats are no longer defaulted on pixel lobby entry, but no worries, all players will still have one in their inventories!
  • Fixed some layering issues in Velvet's Pixel Lobby and Salt Mines
  • Players that are AFK for too long will be removed from the matchmaking queue. You can manually go back in at any time after
  • Legacy lobbies are more stable, players should be able to invite and start fights once again
  • Fixed a crash related to entering character select after going through certain game modes
Known Issues

  • If Velvet gets hit by another Velvet's level 2, some specials may act particularly weird/disappear
  • It is still possible for Tianhuo to occasionally lose momentum during some airdash cancels
  • There may be some cases where pushblocking at less than 300 health still occasionally allows damage to pass through
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