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Discussion: Iconography

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arima, May 5, 2018.

  1. Arima

    Arima Member

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    1. If there was an Icon to symbolize the world of Foenum, what would it look like?
    2. What would the Icon of The High Plains look like?
    3. What would the Icon of Rein look like?
    4. What would the Icon of Houshan look like?
    5. What would the Icon of The Prairie look like?
    6. What would the Icon of The Woodland look like?
    7. What would the Icon of The Meadow look like?
    8. What would the Icon of The Predators look like?
    9. What would Paprika's Icon look like?
    10. What would Velvet's Icon look like?
    11. What would Tianhuo's Icon look like?
    12. What would Arizona's Icon look like?
    13. What would Oleander's Icon look like?
    14. What would Pom's Icon look like?
    15. What would The Devourer's Icon look like?

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  2. VendiMANS

    VendiMANS the city of Buenos Aires has burned to the ground!

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    Can't tell yet, but I'm sure we'll see a foenum icon (or flag) some time in story mode
  3. Valsion

    Valsion Well-Known Member

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    In the background of Velvets stage you can see a ship with a snowflake on the sail. Maybe the reindeer use the snowflake as their icon.
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