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Detective Pikachu Chat *spoilers warning*


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Feb 3, 2016
So wasn't sure if this went in Off Topic or Gaming but here it is! The discussion space for Detective Pikachu that just came out!

I was able to see an early screening on the 9th with my sister. We had a great time (tho I lost the promotional Pokemon cards at a Chik-fila right after...so I saw it again lol). Definitely best video game adaption. (with weak competition tho of course).

One thing that really stuck out for me was the sound design and the soundtrack. It's distinct from the get go and totally sounds "Pokemon-esc" to me. I especially love the beat that happens at the beginning of the underground battle scene with all those Loudred acting as boombox/speakers and the unsettling Gengar. And the sounds whenever Mewtwo would show up and like move and speak were great. Very otherworldly.
I would nitpick that the survivability of that Torterra Garden scene was definitely questionable. Tim jumped how many stories??

Well,"safe" or not, the film had a lot of work put into it so I hope it's successful as a sign of good adaptions to come (barring the upcoming Sonic film...).

What did ya'll want to comment on?