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Crazy Sonic Music Thing I Noticed


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Aug 5, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio
So I was browsing my huge bookmark list of my favorite video game soundtracks while simultaneously browsing the forums when I found this song.

Even though Sonic '06 is a really poorly made mess, the soundtrack is good, and something I frequent. But as I was listening to this particular video, I realized something, there are seven parts, and the original roster of Them's Fightin' Herds' will include seven characters, once the goat is released.

So I just sat there, and then an idea popped in my head. I was thinking "Holy crap, I better listen to this closely." And I was right. Each section at least somewhat fits a character (except goat, b/c we don't know her music style), so I thought hard as to where this could be applied as well. The music is supposed to represent space-time falling apart, but it also kinda sounds like the music that would play during a romp through the Hold, where you would have to control each ungulate in separate sections, fighting predator hoards as a group to reach the final boss of the Last Story. Each music piece stacks a new item on the plate each time, incorporating the previous section to the mix. This would signify the ungulates working together. (This probably isn't gonna happen, this is just the Sonic way of doing things. Complete each character's story, then the last story where they all come together to stop the true core of the problem is unlocked)

So, enough about that, this is what I think each characters section is (there are seven in total, then it loops back to the first one and repeats in the video):

00:00 - Oleander: The beginning part starts off cold and slow with no percussion. It's a creepy, eerie piece that is a good way to set the mood for the rest of the mission. It also matches Ollie quite well.
00:44 - Paprika: When the percussion kicks in, you know it's Paca time. It adds some electronic to the mix, and is the perfect place to let Paprika go wild.
01:29 - Pom: This was a weird one, as there isn't really a string instrument in this song, but I feel the third part is panic inducing, and would be a good way to represent Pom's fear and her character as a whole.
02:13 - Arizona: Same with Pom, but Arizona's themes have a lot more percussion in general, so this deserty sounding part with drums that (kinda) sound like cowbells (I'm really stretching it, but they are way more audible in this section, so they kind of work) seems to fit her in a sense.
02:58 - "Goat": This part really didn't fit any character, as it doesn't really add much other than intensifying the (what sounds like an) organ. So yeah, undefined character music, undefined music section... Perfect match?
03:43 - Velvet: Okay, this one really is a perfect match. This is the point where this idea slapped me in the face. Idk about you but if that wintery tone doesn't suit Velvet, what does?
04:28 - Tianhuo: This one was kinda weird too, but this is it. This is the final part, everything is so intense. The song builds up to an epic climax. There really isn't a section that features stuff that goes into Tianhuo's music, but I felt ending on her with this section represents the blazing intensity of her character. I mean, this was Shadow's section. A badass edgy hedgehog. Why can't we end on a badass fire snek?
Repeat at 5:12

So yeah, that... Tell me how you guys feel about this. It was just a random thought I had that turned into this craziness. If you think a section fits another character better, I'd love to hear what you think!
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Feb 4, 2016
I like what you're going for here, but while listening to this for the first time and trying to read each part description roughly around where I thought a new part started was a bit hard to follow, especially when the correct part actually came in. :/ lol
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