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Crashing Issues


New Member
Nov 3, 2017
Can't find where else to post this, so here it goes.

• Location of Bug: Any Fight (Arcade and Multiplayer mainly)

• Description: After certain amount of rounds/matches the game will freeze and upon so the computer will lock up and crash causing itself to restart.

• Screenshot: -

• Steps to reproduce: Going into arcade mode or a multiplayer match

• Reproduction rate: Every time I have entered those two.

Before recent patch my laptop would act like the game is some sort of heavy game with taking up a lot of memory/cpu and causing the fan to get hot. Just as such, after every so round mainly in arcade and multiplayer would cause the computer to freeze as if it's about to blue screen and crash/restart the laptop.

Now, This could be an issue with just my laptop but i'm doubting it. This laptop can run heavy programs and games no problem but TFH is the only game that actually causes my laptop to crash/restart.
Even my friend had massive lag when starting up the game, but no issue like mine.

After patch the fan doesn't get as hot anymore however, i just recently tested out arcade again and after a few rounds like before my laptop once again crashes.

Currently unable to post screenshots because the crashing is random.
For some reason just hanging on the main menu and select screen things are "OK" but when fighting it seems things tend to go downhill.


Mane6 Dev
Mane6 Developer
Feb 24, 2016
Can you post your DxDiag please? There could be a whole myriad of things causing this and the DxDiag can narrow it down
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