Continuing attack after 2D

Feb 23, 2018
I'm still learning to use BestCow's rope, and I think I've gotten a handle on the 236C > 2D rope combo, but I have a problem. whenever I successfully use 2D, I'm not able to continue my attack, and I usually get counter-hit if I try anything. Has anyone had success in this area?


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
I just checked in training mode. It looks like there is no point after :2::D: connects where the opponent is vulnerable to anything until they recover from the knockdown. In short, connecting with :2::D: immediately ends your combo.

It's more of a setup move than a combo tool, honestly. Normal :D: is good for building magic and keeping a combo going, while :2::D: is good for building magic and ending a combo. You're +36 if you still have juggle decay remaining and the hard knockdown activates (if they flash red, you're golden). That's 36 frames (just over 1/2 a second) where you can move around and your opponent is still getting up off the ground. You want to act quickly. If you're getting counterhit, you're attacking too late. You want to time whatever attack you're doing so it hits them immediately after they stand up, but not any sooner than that. Here's a quick primer on some things you might want to do when they're getting up :

  • :2::A: on them. It hits Low, so if they're expecting something crazy, this can catch them off guard. If they block it, pause for a split second and either hit :2::A: again, or sneak a throw in there.
  • Throw them. It sets up exactly the same situation, where you've got a hard knockdown and can set up another mix-up. Not a bad option at all.
  • :6::B: them. Most people hold :1: when getting up from a knockdown, and :6::B: plows right through that. Not as good as hops, but it's real easy to do.
  • Hop at them (if hops are hard, try pressing :8::2: or :9::2: to get the hop to come out more reliably). It's similar to :6::B:, but trickier to execute. It's also much more flexible. Hop and hit a button for a high attack, or hop and do nothing, then hit :2::A: when you land for a fake overhead, or hop and hit a button, then hit :6::B: when you land to do two high attacks in a row (nobody expects the double overhead).
Somebody that knows Arizona better than me could tell you which button to press during a hop. I don't know whether j. :A:, j. :B:, or j. :C: is the best one to do. I bet it's j. :C:, but I can't say for sure.
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Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Oct 19, 2016
I think even on soft knockdown, you're pretty positive; not as much as hard knockdown, but enough that you can get some solid mix-ups.

Bubbleboots' favorite mix-up in the beta days was short hop j.C and full jump j.C, the latter of which would cross-up if timed properly. He was mean about it, too. He'd actually subject his opponents to that mix-up several times in a row, totally raw. He'd even throw in empty short hops into lows.

Arizona is a mean cow.

Petea Copine

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Crowdfund Backer
Oct 17, 2016
after low-rope you can backdash low-rope again, it's not exactly a combo but it can catch people and generate easy magic. And to mix it up either dash in and hit them or use high-rope if they try to jump out. In my experience short-hops can escape and won't be hit by high-rope, also supers and certain moves
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