"Complete Recordings": Story Mode - Bandcamp Codes


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Jan 25, 2016
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"Complete Recordings": Story Mode - Bandcamp Codes

Codes to redeem the first "Complete Recordings" Story Mode album on Bandcamp are now available for qualifying backers.

Qualifying backers means folks at the $90 (Menacing Shadow) or $200+ contributions.

To get your download (if you qualify), please follow these instructions:
1. Sign into Backerkit using the email you backed the project with: Them's Fightin' Herds on BackerKit
2. Look for a digital download titled: "Complete Recordings" Soundtrack (BANDCAMP) - Story Mode: Arizona
3. Grab the code and head over to Stuart Ferguson
4. Enter the code and download your tracks!

You do not need to create a Bandcamp account to redeem the album, but it might help in case you lose the original download and need to grab it again.

While qualifying backers get all "Complete Recordings" albums for free, anyone can purchase the album here for $2.99 USD:
Remember, 100% of the proceeds (after platform fees) go directly to the musicians: Stuart Ferguson & Whitetail!
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