Combo Breaker 2022 Recap - Special Event Stream


He Who Manages
Mane6 Developer
May 30, 2017
Rockville, MD - USA
Combo Breaker 2022 Recap - Special Event Stream

Announcing a Stampede Special Event: The Runback, a FT5 exhibition match between Combo Breaker 2022 grand finalists Zale and Bubbleboots, hosted by Mane6.

This online event will take place on Friday June 10th at 3PM PT, streamed from Mane6's Twitch channel, with commentary by Mane6 staff members Oreo and MPK.

The winner of the exhibition will receive a cash prize of $750, with $250 going to the runner-up.

The primary reason we're hosting this exhibition (besides the desire for a bit of fun) is due to what happened during the TFH grand finals at Combo Breaker 2022:

Zale and Bubbleboots are both keyboard players and double-keyboard setups are not supported by the game. Despite knowing that this matchup was a possibility, it had never happened before, there was no viable solution prepared ahead of time, and competitive events run on a tight schedule. The call from the TO was that both players use borrowed mixbox-style controllers, the most similar-to-keyboard option available on hand at the time. Both players agreed to accept the handicap, the match was played out, and the results stand.

Despite the competitors' best efforts to perform under sub-optimal conditions, we, along with the competitors themselves and many members of the community, left without feeling satisfied. So we're inviting them to run it back, on familiar equipment, with even more prize money on the line. They deserve to play each other at their full strength, and you deserve to see it.

However unfortunate, situations like this are part of the tournament experience. Everyone did their best to keep things fair, given the time and tech restrictions in place. This exhibition is to show the community what the grand finals match could have been and showcase the players' amazing talent and hard work. We hope you'll join us for the event!

We'd like to thank everyone who competed in Combo Breaker, with congratulations to those who made it to Top 12. CB 2022 was the best offline tournament experience for TFH to date. We had the most tournament entrants, record merch sales, and more support from the larger FGC than any previous event. We enjoyed meeting so many of our players face-to-face for the first time and we look forward to spending more time with you in the future.

TFH will continue to grow.

Aaron Stavely
Development Director, Mane6