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Chinese Internet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Storm_PiPi, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Storm_PiPi

    Storm_PiPi Storm_Pony

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    I hope you can solve the problem of Chinese Internet.Because not only the United States, but also many Chinese like the game. I am Chinese and I use translation software.I like this game very much, but sometimes the Internet connection is very bad. My network speed is usually 6M/S, but in the process of playing games with you, Ping is usually 300 +. This led to a lot of friends not wanting to fight me, which made me very upset.My friends will have this situation, so if you have time, you can optimize the network connection between us.we can play together.Finally, thank you for your game. I hope you can solve the network problem.
  2. CamTSB

    CamTSB 死の匂いか?
    Staff Member Mane6 QA

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    Unfortunately the Internet Service Providers and Internet Policies of other countries are not anything that we, personally, can fix or address in any way. Our network solution for the game is already quite robust, but it can't do much more than make a connection more stable. Distance is always going to be a factor as well. I'm sorry.