Chests in Salt Mines give an error?

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Whenever I open a costed chest in the salt mines, and the reward is not food of some sort, I get the following error: "Some kinda server error. The server cannot give you any items..."

I'm not sure if this is a legit error, or just something I'm doing wrong, but since it declared itself an error I thought I would post it here. Sorry if that's wrong! But thanks for any help or explanation.

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Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Apr 6, 2016
I also had this same problem! Chests took my salt without producing any sort of item. Sucked cause I was doing a run with a friend and he kept getting neat accessory drops. Hope it's fixed soon!
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Feb 6, 2016
I was hosting a pixel lobby overnight last night, for the first time.
The little log you get when you host is full off odd messages I don't understand and which are probably meant for debugging, but one of them was something like "missing (something something): you won't be able to grant items to players."
I tried to screenshot the log but my computer froze when I tried to take the screen shot so I just restarted (there were 0 players at that time anyway), and so I don't have the exact phrase. Sounds like it might be related though.

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Sep 29, 2016
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I was experiencing the same problome but it only occurred at the AhHHHHHH level
Can confirm this! Was there with him, and I've made a gif below of me opening one of these chests and getting the error. It strangely seemed to only happen to the 40 salt chests, every one before was fine and the issue only began when we hit AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

P.S. Sorry for any problems with the gif, I'm still not the best at recording things, but hopefully it'll still be helpful.
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