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CEO 2018 Side Tournament | $100 POT BONUS!!!


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester

Hey guys it's NekoCrispy, for those going to CEO 2018 I'll be running a TFH side tournament there, with a $100 pot bonus from the boy at Fightin' Foenatics!

If you'd like to help by bringing a setup(s), please let me know. We have four-five setups confirmed so far but any additional ones are appreciated!

Schedule: Tournament starts at 5pm on Friday (29th). Check in and registration at the event will start a half an hour before bracket begins.

Entry Fee: $5. Payment will be in cash only and collected on-site before TFH starts. Not paying before the tournament will resulting in being disqualified.

Payout: less than 10 entries: 70/30 more than 10 entries: 60/30/10​