Casual Art Stream today - and we're now Twitch Affiliate!


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Jan 25, 2016
The Hold
Happy Friday, everyone! We've got some exciting news regarding our Twitch channel. Recently, we qualified for their affiliate program. Our viewers can now subscribe to our channel and cheer us on with Twitch bits. Thanks in advance to anyone who subs up!

To celebrate, Aaron is doing a casual art stream today, in just a little while, at our usual time of 3PM PT on We apologize for the short notice, this all came together kind of quickly, but rest assured this stream is super casual. We won't be making any big announcements or revealing any in-progress features. Aaron has been working on some new character promo art and wants to demonstrate his process.

We are working on a plan to stream more regularly on an established schedule, but there are lots of details to sort out. The previous experimental shows we did were all super awesome and we just need to decide which are here to stay. More updates to come.

One more thing. Since we're affiliate now, we need Twitch emotes! We only get one for now, but as our subscriber base grows we'll unlock more. Our first emote has to be something a lot of people would enjoy, so we want to hear your thoughts on what it should be. Leave a comment below and we'll take the best ideas to a community vote later on. If you haven't already, join the discussion in our official Discord server: Thanks again, and we'll see you on stream!

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Feb 17, 2018
How about a TFH equivalent to the Fry meme? Expression-wise, I mean.