Cannot Leave Training While Spectating

I was going to watch two good players fight, but they did a training session. I am trying to leave it, but the usual way you leave isn't working, (press heavy a few times) and the advertised way to end the training (heavy + magic + start) doesn't work for spectators

Location: Pixel Lobby Training Session (Between Two Players).

Description: Can't leave a training session while spectating.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Go into a Pixel Lobby and set yourself to spectate a player in their next match.
  2. Have said player enter a training session or match with another player.
  3. Try to leave by pressing/holding the button combination at the bottom of the screen (or random buttons if in a normal match)
  4. If you are unable to leave, you have encountered the bug.
Replication rate: Currently Testing. (3/3) (100%)
Note: While testing other players have warned me about the bug.
Note: During testing, was discovered that you can't leave while spectating in general, and all of the times I 'left' a match while spectating was due to being disconnected from said match by connection issues. Instead of being a bug, there is currently no way to leave spectating intentionally without closing the game or DCing your internet.

Suggested Fix: Implementation of a way for spectators to access the start menu while spectating.
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