Can we count to 100?

Sir Zabblepants

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Feb 3, 2016
We've got an off-topic board now. With that, I'll assume forum games are a go!

- We start from 1, and can only go up, or down 1.

Poster A: 1
Poster B: 2
Poster C: 1

- At least 2 posters must pass until you can bump the numbers again.
- In the event 2 posters try incrementing/decrementing at the same time, only the first post will count.

Poster A: 2
Poster B: 1
Poster C: 3 < B got in first. It's currently at 1.

- Anyone who makes a pun sends us all the way back to 1. Please refrain from making puns. (This includes visual and numeric puns, you jokers!)
-We can go into negative numbers. But you guys wouldn't do that, right?

I'll start us off.
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Feb 3, 2016
So its revealed then the puns were to get us into the negatives?