• Them's Fightin' Herds is availabe now on Steam for PC!
    You can buy it from these links:
    Humble Bundle // Steam

  • Mane6.com has been updated!

    The Mane6 website has been updated for the coming 1.0 release. We now have quick gameplay & features info, pages for the cast and a media section with new wallpapers!

    Here, take a look!

  • Current Game Version

    1.3.0 (7.31.2020)

Australia/New Zealand/Oceania


Ace Pilot
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
With the official release of 1.0 and EVO Online announcement of Them's Fightin' Herds, the game is experiencing an influx of players with old players returning and new players picking up the game for the first time.

If you're from the OCE region and would like to find matches with others on this side of the planet, we have a Discord server set up to do just that.