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Arizom Fic: Dinner with Dogs


Electric Sheep and Labrabulls
Jul 8, 2020
A preview of my upcoming fic.

Meanwhile, Pom carefully removes the spit from its stand. Gently, she nudges each rabbit off, placing them on a wool cloth by the hungry pups. Arizona shifts nervously, a bit uncomfortable with the drooling of the normally sweet and docile dogs, but Pom takes no notice, focused only on whether or not her cooking is acceptable enough for the pups. Nursing a dog with rabbit fever is troublesome enough at home; with limited supplies and time, Pom refuses to leave the canines' health up to chance out here.

All the smaller dogs have gathered around the serving cloth, sniffing the air and wagging their tails. Panting in excitement, Woof, the youngest pup, goes to take the first bite...

When Big Mama scoops all 6 rabbits up with her long snout.

"Mama! Bad dog! Shame! I 'aven't even put your rabbits to cook yet. The wee lads eat first; you know that." Pom glares severely at Big Mama, who, well aware of her crime, returns a stare. Pom can't help but crack a smile when she sees Mama's cartoony stuffed cheeks and unapologetic expression. "Mama," she says gently but firmly, "open wide, you silly lass." Though clearly dispassionate about the order, Mama immediately obeys.

Arizona thought she already saw crazy things during this campaign. But nothing could have prepared her for the sheer insanity she is about to witness.

Pom, seemingly unfazed by how dangerous this all is, reaches with both hooves to pull the rabbits out of Mama’s mouth. Despite being covered in slobber, the rabbits get placed on the serving cloth. Woof, drooling in anticipation, attacks the first rabbit he can reach. Woof is a cute little pup, Arizona thinks to herself, but... the ravenous look in his eyes is unsettling.

"You know, yer a lot more brave than ya give yerself credit for."

Pom, who’s reassembling the spit with fresh rabbits, turns to face the cow, dumbfounded. "...what? You've got to be joking."

"Naw, seriously.” Arizona sits up, looking into the fire. “Not many ungulates can stand being around a whole pack 'a predators, never mind when they go from fluffy an' soft to dangerous as quick as a lighting flash. I have no idea how ya do it."

Pom blushes, reluctant to take credit for something she sees at second nature. "Well, to be fair, thi average sheep in my 'ome is mostly indifferent to sheep dogs. It’s noothin’ special. If you don' bother 'em, they don' bother you, for the most part.”
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