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Age of the cast


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Feb 24, 2018
It has already been said that Arizona is one year old and that cows in Foenum age the same as real cows. So how old would the rest of the cast be?

Assuming that the rest of the cast also ages and lives as long as their real life counterpart, there are some estimates that can be made.

Reindeer live roughly 21 years and reach maturity at 2 years. Since Velvet gives the impression of a young adult, I would estimate her age to around those 2 years, could be a bit over or even under.

Sheep live up to 12 years and at 12 months, a lamb becomes a sheep, which means that Pom must be under a year old, since she is specifically called a lamb. Judging by her height and mental maturity so far, I would estimate her at around 10 months old then.

Paprika is like Velvet in the fact that she is most likely a young adult already, though I would still judge her to be a bit below the maturity age for her species. Alpacas live up to 20 years and reach maturity between 16 and 24 months. So I would estimate Paprikas age to be a bit over a year, maybe one and a half years.

Oleander and Tianhuo are tougher to crack, since both are mythical beings. It has already been stated that unicorns do not age like horses, so using those to help estimate her age would be pointless.


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Feb 3, 2016
New Zealand
Dunno about the literal age in years just yet, but this is from the Livestream Recap thread:

I'll even give you a linear comparison of the cast's ages.


Their expected lifespans and maturity rates, however, differ according to species. A "wise elder" for the Cattle or Sheeple would in linear years be a youngling to the Longma, but already have kids and grandkids by the time a longma would end early childhood. If you were to order them by the "maturity" stage in their species lifespans, you'd get


Although Oleander is technically "older" than Velvet and Paprika, she's just out/in the tail end of unicorn puberty*, while both Reindeer and Alpaca are considered "young" adults in their individual communities and species.

*She was 13 when she married pact'd with Fred, and 26/27 by the time of the game's plot.
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Feb 24, 2018
Dunno about the literal age in years just yet, but this is from the Livestream Recap thread:
Huh, strange. I was pretty sure Pom would be the youngest of the cast. But the info on Oleander is interesting. Despite being 26/27 she is still not finished with puberty. This could, if the rate of maturing is relatively the same, mean that unicorns live roughly twice as long as humans.
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