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A More Co-op Focused Salt Mine


Feb 19, 2016
I've seen people express the sentiment that they want the salt mines to be a little more co-op friendly. I agree with this, and my other gripe is the accessibility of the mines. If there's good players in the server, the price to enter is usually way above the amount of salt I have; because the mines are almost always at the higher levels. Getting enough salt outside the mines is kind of a joke, too.

So I've come up with a slew of ideas in light of these things:
  1. Implement a system that allow players to pay for other players' admissions into the salt mines at a discounted price. A way to do this would be to add an option "Pay for this player's entry for XX salt" in the menu (the one that shows up when you press magic in front of another player) when at the salt mine entrance. The recipient of the gift would accept or decline; and if they accept they would be asked if they want to pay for the gifter's admission, again at the discounted price. They would accept or decline as well.
  2. Instead of idea 1, straight up let players gift salt to others. This would also imply the ability to indirectly pay for other players' chests in the mines.
  3. (Independent of ideas 1 & 2.) Change salt gained from PvP matches outside the mines from one salt per session to one salt per match. You could theoretically have a bunch of one match sessions for the same effect already, anyway; and I regularly find myself in hour long or more sessions with a single person; so this would make more sense and ease the difficulty of getting into the salt mines.


Well-Known Member
Feb 17, 2018
The cost does seem to reset and I have seen times when it's been free.


Backers' Beta Tester
Backers' Beta Tester
Feb 4, 2016
Yeah, that happens once there's no one left in the mines, but I'm usually in a match when that happens.
An audible notification for when the saltmines reset back would help, too. And one for when entrance is free. (I think it's free for a short amount of time after the first person enters the saltmines?). Maybe even implement a little waiting time for the first person so that more people have the chance to get there in time, and get in free?

I've had it happen that the first person noticing that the salt mines had reset notified the other players over voice chat, which was really nice and helpful, and resulted in a bigger crowd in the mines.