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6-6-17 Pokémon Direct


MY THOUGHTS ON THE 6-6-17 Pokémon Direct
Honestly, the only thing that I really am excited was Pokkén Tournament DX. I am very glad that Pokkén isn't dead yet.

All the other games I didn't really care about.


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Feb 3, 2016
I'm all up for Ultra S&M (though now we wait for them to actual reveal new changes/additions... slowly...) and precious Gen 2 VC releases. Where is Crystal though? You give us Yellow last time but no Crystal this time? :(

I knew they'd never give up on Pokken, though~ Finally I can get not only Scizor, but MY OWL OF LEGEND? Get all over my Switch right now pls. ... Or rather, in September, I GUESS. And I can team them with Sceptile in 3v3~
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