2.0 Release Date, Shanty DLC Info


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Jan 25, 2016
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2.0 Release Date, Shanty DLC Info

Let's get straight to it! Version 2.0 (a free update to the base game) will be released on March 25th, 2021! That's just over two weeks from now!

No specific release time has been confirmed yet, but we'll be announcing updates moment-by-moment the day of. Join our Discord server (discord.gg/tfh) to stay in touch!

2.0 Update Highlights
There are 15 pages of patch notes so far, but some of the biggest things to look forward to include:
  • A sweep of rebalancing and bugfixes for all characters (along with some universal system changes).
  • New Pixel Lobby: Hallowed Grove (Oleander's lobby), and new hats!
  • New stage: Hidden Waterfall (trailer here).
  • New replay system (check out our video preview here).
  • Credits roll added.
  • A first round of general menu remastering.
  • Native Linux support added (with Mac to follow in a future update).

Shanty DLC
As part of the 2.0 update, our first DLC fighter Shanty the Goat will be charging into the fray!


The Shanty DLC package will cost $4.99 USD (subject to regional pricing) and includes the following items:
  • Shanty as an additional playable character.
  • The Capricorn (Shanty's stage), featuring fully dynamic music for all characters.
  • Shanty Pixel Lobby avatar.

BONUS: Owners of the Shanty DLC will get access to Shanty's Story Mode chapter when it is released later (after the main story chapters are finished, ETA TBD).

NOTICE: All crowdfund backers will be sent one Shanty DLC key as part of their promised rewards for helping us reach our stretch goal to fund Shanty's development. We plan to ship the keys out a few days before release so you'll be ready to play the moment the update goes live!

Will there be a "try before you buy" option?
No. You must own the Shanty DLC to select Shanty (or her stage) in any mode.

Can I still fight a Shanty CPU?
Yes, but indirectly. Shanty will show up by herself in Arcade Mode and the Salt Mines.

Can my human opponent still pick Shanty?
Yes. In online versus, your opponent is not blocked from selecting Shanty (or her stage) if they own the DLC and you don't.

We're taking questions about the update over in our Discord server, and there will be more revealed in the days leading up to release. See you on March 25th!