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  1. Chalico Boi throwin' down

    I have no idea what 'gucci' means, but I assume its some sort of compliment? If so, then I'll tentatively agree. The former isn't something I have, and my thought processes are a bit too abstract to really translate them into reality for my current skillset and available equipment. It also...
  2. Chalico Boi throwin' down

    These all look real good! Then again, I've literally never done this before, so that's a super low fruit to pick.
  3. Chalico Boi throwin' down

    You’re welcome. Just don’t overwork yourself on this, okay? I’m completely willing to wait while you take things on step at a time.
  4. Chalico Boi throwin' down

    I like this! Maybe after you develop Coal's move-set, you could do some intro banter of him interacting with the other fighters?
  5. Fan-Made Fœnum Ghost Stories

    So, first thread within this particular tapestry of crazy! Try not to be too harsh in your criticisms please? Anyways, here's the gist: after reading @Eliah Pickford's 'Headcanon related bits "Ghost Stories"' thread, I started wondering; is there anyone else on these forums who have thought up...
  6. Headcannon related bits "Ghost Stories"

    Okay, thanks for letting me know. But seriously, these make for some good reading! My absolute favorites of the bunch, though, have to be The mysterious Mr. Crowley and The Coughmancer.
  7. Shipping Thread!

    I personally ship Horncrossed, Firesocks and Oleashmeer (Oleander X Cashmeer) primarily, though I'm not opposed to other ships such as Wintercoat, Woolherders or Shub-Niggurath.
  8. Reset [Interactive Story Time Kiddos]

    >Perform a quick bout of 'Percussive Maintenance' (Read: Smack your head/Processing Unit Container a couple times), then try to figure out just where you are (and hopefully orient yourself). You can go all Existential Crisis after you get back to the professor's lab. For all you know, this could...
  9. The Reason Behind Your Username

    Got inspired by the Sly Cooper games, and made it my default Online Handle.
  10. [FactionRP] Glory to Ariz-totzka [Arizona]

  11. The Hu Mann

    You three do know that ya’ can’t judge the herd on the actions of a few, right? Those that @Geneva Mode met are most likely a number of the ‘good apples’, as it were, whilst those that the Sivas speak of are most likely samples of the more rotten of the bunch. Still, I’ve heard rumours...
  12. Headcannon related bits "Ghost Stories"

    These are really good! I like ‘em. Er... say, @Eliah Pickford? Would it be okay if the rest of us were to post our own ‘Ghost Stories’ here? If not, I’ll respect your wishes and take it to my own thread.