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    2.0.5 (4.29.2021)

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  1. Cloudy Skies

    Pom Gameplay

    Alright, thanks for clarifying, and mostly, thanks so much for highlighting what I was doing wrong! I had no idea that was how Pom's j.B worked, and now that I'm no longer cancelling it, I can pull off basic combos. I can only imagine how crazy and fun this is going to get when I start mixing in...
  2. Cloudy Skies

    Pom Gameplay

    Sorry, I'm scrubtastic and can't parse this, do you mean air B while holding back, then dash forwards and repeat?
  3. Cloudy Skies

    Pom Gameplay

    Simple question: Exactly how do I pull off a longer combo without dogs? I can do a decently groundbounce combo with two charges of the flying pupper, but when I try to 6A 6B 6C 23C into air 6A 6B 6C, it falls apart because the enemy techs before the 6C. Yet, sometimes it works. Is there a...
  4. Cloudy Skies

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    You know best what you need to do. Keep it up. I'm not worried for myself, I just really really hope Other People(tm) will like the game and that you're rewarded for your efforts in the end. I'll be doing all I can to spread the word.
  5. Cloudy Skies

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Super excited. Good job finally getting there!
  6. Cloudy Skies

    Thoughts about episodic release

    I think I'm with you. I worry more about others' opinions about the game than I do about the game itself. I'm ambivalent about the episodic bit myself, I'm mostly just hungry for matchmaking and the last of the animations. Everything else is a bonus.
  7. Cloudy Skies

    Backer Status forum privileges

    Hi! Can't seem to see any of the backers' forums, fairly sure I used the same e-mail address.