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  1. Elsa12TMNT

    Elsa's First Month 2.0 Tierlist

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm no top player, but, Arizona seems mostly unmoved from her top 2 status, Shanty is maybe as good as her, Tianhuo had mostly sidegrades but for the most part seems to be mostly better. Paprika is no longer way behind the rest of the cast. She seems extremely...
  2. Elsa12TMNT

    Arizom Fic: Dinner with Dogs

    It's up! I may make some changes to it, but for now, it's finished! It's also been retitled to "A Heart-to-Heart Conversation." Link to the Fic on Ao3
  3. Elsa12TMNT

    Arizom Fic: Dinner with Dogs

    A preview of my upcoming fic. Meanwhile, Pom carefully removes the spit from its stand. Gently, she nudges each rabbit off, placing them on a wool cloth by the hungry pups. Arizona shifts nervously, a bit uncomfortable with the drooling of the normally sweet and docile dogs, but Pom takes no...