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  1. Major Health Concern Sweeping Foenum

    Something I've wondered on occasion: why broccoli?
  2. Which is better?

    I will say that as a mewling baby beginner, I started with a Xbox 360 controller then switched to a PS4 and noticed a huge difference. I have a Genesis-style USB controller buried in a box somewhere that I want to try as well
  3. Is salt going to become permanent later on?

    A thing that I don't think some people realize is that you can get in the mines without any salt - when it resets down to the first level and shows 3 salt, once one person pays the cover charge then anyone can get in for free until any progress is made. It does mean you need to be camping the...
  4. Is salt going to become permanent later on?

    I don't think salt being made permanent makes much sense. If it were, the mines would barely ever reset, making it nearly impossible for anyone to start from scratch. Also it would be easier for players to just wait for the mines to level up for chances at rares without doing any of the 'work'...