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  1. Some Person

    TFH 2020 offline rankings

    Now that the 2018 - 19 offline rankings have been posted (which can be found here), I figure it's now time to go into how the 2020 rankings will work. Please read this over carefully, as I will refer people back to this post if I am asked something I already have gone over. - Including Previous...
  2. Some Person

    TFH Offline Elo rankings

    So something I've been wanting to see for a while now is a ranking system for offline TFH results. There's been other ranking systems, but it always has some kind of arbitrary value to it. Recently, however, I found an Elo calculator online, and it's been able to help me figure proper...
  3. Some Person

    West Coast Discord Server

    For those who most likely have been wanting one, here's a West Coast server for TFH! Rules are generally the same as the main TFH server, so feel free to chat it up with fellow WC memberssss. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  4. Some Person

    The Stomping Grounds (SoCal bi-weekly)

    TFH Bi-weekly locals "The Stomping Grounds" in SoCal! (basic details here, thorough details below) Who: Anyone that's looking for offline games. What: Offline casual and tournament play for TFH Where: Game Realms, 137 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502 When: Starting March 9th, from 9:00pm until...
  5. Some Person

    Cosplay thread

    Because why not. Some people make really nice cosplays out there and it's cool to share them. I'll start it off with one of my own: And the first TFH cosplay I've seen so far: Also yeah please credit the cosplayers, if possible, cause they put a lot of time into their work and deserve to...
  6. Some Person


    Yeah here's another thread that should definitely be around. Overwatch, that one shooting game from that one game company. It's pretty fun and I'm lookin' forward to more of it. http://us.battle.net/overwatch/en/ In case you don't know of it, here's the thread. (I briefly played the beta...
  7. Some Person


    And why not, a thread on this game too. Currently looking forward to it and am gonna main Lucario cause he's my fave. Who's gonna be what?
  8. Some Person

    Favorite Anime

    Because I can't believe Cam didn't start this thread himself, I'll carry the weight. Guess this can be the place until show-centric threads start popping up and stuff. I currently enjoy the Jojos and the punching mans and the Durarararararas
  9. Some Person

    So Cal Thread

    Hey hey everyone. So I'm pre-emptively making this thread here cause of plans in the future. My plan's to hopefully get a local scene for TFH started once the game comes out, both for the sake of competitive and casual play. If we got people here early, we could totally get some ideas down for...
  10. Some Person


    Kinda surprised there isn't a thread on here about it yet, so yeah, I'll make it. If anyone plays SG and wants to talk SG, here's the place to do it (aside from going to Skullheart, that is)! Bella is fairest girl, discuss.