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  1. MagicRoadkill

    TFH Merch Suggestions

    TFH is still relatively obscure, but there's still a good market for higher-end collectibles than what's in the Mane 6 shop currently. The fast crowdfunding success for Velvet's statuette proves that. I think if expectations continue to be met, or even outright surpassed, for statuettes of the...
  2. MagicRoadkill

    Major problem with the Announcer

    I both agree and disagree. When I look at everything they've done with the music (blending the characters' themes with both the select screen and stage BGMs), it makes me think that the announcer should be handled in a similar way. You wouldn't have just one voice, but several to fit each...
  3. MagicRoadkill

    Should TFH have a color editor?

    I remember asking the people at Lab Zero when they were streaming once if they'd consider putting a color editor in Skullgirls. They didn't want to and cited the very common, very poor taste in palettes found in every fighting game community. Like too many "edgy vampire" palettes that amount to...