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  1. Ebvert

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    Hey guys, great design so far, I like the type of beak you went for and the motto to use her head shape as her hair. I did make a griffon of myself a while ago, I made a thread and everything but since the griffon discussion is in here I'll be posting what I came up with, just for convenience...
  2. Ebvert

    Hippogriff OC Discussion Thread

    As seen from this thread for making an OC, Griffin was the most voted option, even way before the thread I was already theory-crafting an OC fighter for the game, being a Griffin/Hippogriff, so I'm quite pleased that the most voted option is indeed a Griffin. "Why make a thread for this and not...
  3. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Trying to improve by learning real painting and stuff, new Image using these studies, Oleander becoming corrupted by the demonic powers of the book, enjoy.
  4. Ebvert

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    Let's be honest here, 7D's strike invulnerability works only on the ascending part of the move, even if I late 7D on corner wake up after Arizona jumps j.C I still get hit by it. I would prefer if 7D were to be a little slower and had a bit more hit invulneravility, but increased uncanceleable...
  5. Ebvert

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    As a Tian main let me say that it's not really hard to avoid every aerial response Arizona has for Tianhuo; The flight upward speed nerf is not really that much of a handicap, it's not one that's significant enough to make a difference, I can still Super Jump into Fly all well and get over...
  6. Ebvert

    Velvet's Twitch Corner Stream

    Hello there I am Ebvert, if you don't know me already I'm an early backer player from TFH, I made my own community with some players form the beta and then included more from when early acces started, and we've been growing ever since. Started streaming little by little until it became second...
  7. Ebvert

    Oleander Fred Pull Bug?

    Fred's attacks can be charged, that means you can hold up the button and they will have bigger startup, but they'll gain more damage and different properties.
  8. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Bumpa for edit Flora pallete edit (Looks like fluttertimid): And PONKA POI pallete edit: "Anukan: yeah, but it's biznis not partyhoers." "Anukan: partyhoers is worst hoers." "ZeroParadox: >party horse is worst horse Anu is a god confirmed top tier taste"
  9. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

  10. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    WEH Edit: Fixed the ends of the tips of the hair, now with 100% more canon!
  11. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

  12. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Now Arc, another Tian, with the Spyro palette ggs
  13. Ebvert

    Can we count to 100?

  14. Ebvert

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    Tianhuo tied on LAST?! I SAY THIS IS A CONSPIRACY I blame borin and Anu
  15. Ebvert

    Them's Tourney Testers (TFH Online Tournament)

    Steam: エッベルト (Ebvert) I'm In, but the second place is the winner, since Bubble's playing
  16. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Mixing it up a little, today it won't be a portrait or a banner, it will be snek :Tianhuo: No problem! Sorry for the sudden Hi btw I use a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Medium Size, Model CTH-680 Sorry for the really late response And thanks all of you for the comments
  17. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Fixed it, is this level of customization alright now?
  18. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Continuing on with Pom, I've only encountered so many Poms while in lobbies so I had little to no players to choose from, so I went for Nappy, as he seems like a cool guy and all that good stuff. It took a lot longer than I had expected it, but it turned out really good at the end in my...
  19. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Now Velvet, with a custom Delphox/Braixen palette, for my friend Borin, who always beats my Tianhuo with his 3k damage combos. Feel free to enjoy it: Next one is ??? who
  20. Ebvert

    An actual Ebvert's TFH art thread

    Hey Y'all, in celebration of the closed beta's opening I decided to update my avatar on Steam with best ungulate and best skin accordingly, plus some pixel lobby accessories, Amateratsu Tianhuo. Here, have a look at it: Hope you like it!